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    How much Castor Oil ?

    What would be considered the ideal percentage of castor oil in a CP/HP recipe. Is there point where it becomes too much and results in a too sticky bar ?
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    Black soap colouring

    Has anyone has success making a truly black soap ? And if so can you give recommedations as to the colourant used ? I'm wondering if you can use too much and have colour come out of the soap ? Does the lather stay white etc. ?
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    Pine Tar question

    Does anyone know whether pine tar is actually saponifiable ? or is it just added for it's own properties ? If it does saponify, does it lose anything ?
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    Cups for non US folks ?

    Does a 'cup' measurement convert into an actual amount in say ounces ?
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    Powders in body butters etc

    I came a cross a recipe for a whipped shea butter which included Rice powder, Silica Powder, Boron Nitride and Mica powder, I have also seen the recommendation of adding cornstarch. My question is this - are these powders at all pore clogging ? I can't find much info about this so if anyone has...
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    HP recipes ?

    Are recipes for HP different to CP recipes or can you use a CP recipe and HP it ?
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    Body Butter 'properties' ?

    Are body butters, by virtue of their ingredients (Cocoa/Shea butter etc and oils) meant to be kinda oily when they melt on your skin ? Is there a way to make them less 'oily' yet keep the creaminess ? Sorry for the noobness :)
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    Handy Conversion Charts

    If you need to convert your ounces to grams or your mls to fluid ounces here's a handy conversion chart.
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    Cocoa and Shea butter % noob question :)

    Is there an optimum percentage of cocoa butter, shea butter etc to add to your soaps ? I'm thinking you could add too much and get a greasy bar ?
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    Hot versus Cold process (noob question)

    It seems that the cold process is favoured over the hot process, is there a reason for this ? (Apologies if I missed this covered elswhere - I've read so much on here already :) )