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    Beginners calculation advice please

    great thanx; i am learning so much by looking at other recipes
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    Beginners calculation advice please

    Hi All I have been making homemade soap Castile soap bar Beginner Soap from Making an Easy, Basic Beginner Soap, and Then Making it Fun!! I really Like the recipe. If I wanted to add blended vegetable oil (canola 95% & sunflower 5%); Is this possible and how may I calculate for the amounts of...
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    Testing Liquid Castile Soap... not translucent

    Hi jojojojojiu I have used that recipe with great success for 12 months but sometimes I get the cloudy version as well. The pH and soap suds ups well and no skin irritation. I am thinking it may be the cheapest brand of olive oil I used that makes it go cloudy as that is the only change