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  1. Tabitha

    ISO Sweetcakes sniffies

    I would like to sniff a few sweetcakes fragrances before I buy. Samples of ea would cost over $40.00 shipped. Does anyone have: * Molton Brown Black Pepper * Santa's Pipe * Sea Spice * Woodsmoke * Christmas Thyme Little cotton balls would be fine. I am happy to return the favor if I...
  2. Tabitha

    ISO Daystar sniffies

    I would like to sniff a few daystar fragrances before I buy. 2oz samples of ea would cost me $40.00 shipped. Does anyone have: *d'Ambre Empire *Vaniulla de Bourbon *5 O'clock Gingerbread *Mahogany Little cotton balls would be fine. I am happy to return the favor if I have fragrances you...
  3. Tabitha

    Vanilla Noir & Black Pepper fragrance oils

    1# Vanilla Noir- Daystar (I paid $23.00) 1# Black Pepper- Southern Garden (I paid $28.00) Please make an offer. I won't use either one & don't want them going to waste. Items ship from 75110
  4. Tabitha

    The FACTS about a childs skin : includes babies

    I thought this was an important link so I have made a sticky out of it. Whatever you do folks, your baby, child should not be a guinea pig. You should read the facts here:
  5. Tabitha

    VEGAN shaving brushes?

    Anyone have a good supplier? I am looking for synthetic brushes, wooden handle prefered, under $13.00ea.
  6. Tabitha

    great coupon deal

    At CVS today I bought: 4 boxes frosted flakes 5 boxes special k 3 boxes raisin bran 4 lrg bottles of men's body wash 3 pack intuition razor refills 2 boxes stayfree (36 count ea) 1 box tampons (18 count) and only paid $18.00! My total before coupons was $115.00 I know CVS is...
  7. Tabitha


    Anyone use this company?
  8. Tabitha

    Watermelon- who's got your favorite?

    ? SOS has a dead on watermelon jolly rancher, but I am loking for something more realistic this time.
  9. Tabitha

    1/2 off supplies- GARAGE SALE

    The SMF is not responsible for this post. This is a private sale by me as an individual. Thank you for looking at my garage sale. Please convo me your zipcode and paypal address along with your item requests. Also, please leave a note here on the thread that you have sent me a PM...
  10. Tabitha


    I have never been one to use coupons. Don't know why, I guess I just assumed being a vegetarian I wouldn't find many that I could use. Well, I clipped coupons out of the Sunday paper the last 2 weekend in a row, placed them in a little wallet size file and took them with me to the grocery...
  11. Tabitha

    I switched from WSP Catalina for my M&P base & saved

    I was able to save $30 (on 40#) buy ordering my M&P base from Essentials by Catalina. I used to order at WSP. I would not have gone looking if WSP had left things alone. I guess they kind of did me a favor. By looking I have found many money saving options from other suppliers I had not...
  12. Tabitha

    WSPs sale, another hoax?

    OK, WSP was having a sale today, your value customer points are worth double. According to the blog, if you spend $100.00 you can use 250 of your points to recvevie $10.00 off your order. The 250 points=$10.00 off is supposed to be a double point value meaning regularly 250 was only worth $5.00...
  13. Tabitha

    mango sorbet? vanilla noir?- replacing scents from WSP

    I have been ordering mango sorbet & vanilla noir from WSP forever. I won't pay their new 'doubled' prices for these oils. Can anyone suggest new suppliers for these 2 scents? I would like for them to be as close as possible to the ones I have been using for the past 8-10 years. I would also...
  14. Tabitha

    inexpensive family vactions 4 hours from Dallas TX

    Does anyone know of any great family vacation not too far from Dallas? Somewhere we can get to in around 4 hours or less? We have exausted Austin, Galveston, San Antonio, Tyler, Waco and Waxahachi. What are we missing? We like to take long weekend every now and again but don't like to be...
  15. Tabitha

    Incventory for taxes???

    I would go with a guestimation. Now here is the bigger problem. If you purchased your supplies tax free because you are a buisness, the govt expects you to collect sales tax on every bar that is no longer in your possesion. That means the bars you sold, the bars you donated to charity, the...
  16. Tabitha

    soap pot weekend: 4/8-4/11

    What are you making/doing this weekend? I hope to make Easter gifts sets. If I do I will post a picture.
  17. Tabitha

    Show me Mother's day

    soap & gifts...
  18. Tabitha

    Show me EASTER

    soap & gifts...
  19. Tabitha

    Best chocolate ever!

    Cho0colate is one of those scents you look for year after year & never find the perfect one, kinda like coconut. Well, I found it!!! SOS Dark Chocolate is to die for! I ordered 30 samples from them for next to nothing ($10.00 maybe , including shipping) and I ordered a pound of the dark...
  20. Tabitha

    soap pot weekend 4/1-4/3

    What is everyone making this weekend? I got a head start today with: Lip balms in: ♥blueberry cheesecake ♥mocha java ♥rose ♥lavender vanilla ♥rootbeer float ♥honey ♥peach ♥strawberry marshmallow ♥anise ♥banana coconut Deodorants in: ♥lemon lavender ♥rose FYI: You should only...