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  1. susiefreckleface

    zap test - ya gotta do it

    silly me, this was the first time I was half-willing to zap test. No no, this was not my first zap test - far from it, I was just antsy because my Castile had swirls. So I was thinking not all had saponified properly and that I would get a bad zap. ... which no one likes... but ya gotta do it...
  2. susiefreckleface

    tracking the weekly shrink OCD

    So am I just a little weird to chart out my weekly weighing of curing soaps onto an excel spread sheet? I like soaping... I like excel works for me, but I feel like a nerd. I must say though, that I've noticed that the rainy week we had recently did affect the rate of water evaporation...
  3. susiefreckleface

    Hello from Southern California

    Hi everyone - I'm susiefreckleface officially a new 2016 soaper I lurked and lurked and lurked, listened, watched and learned for about a year now. I have been so hot-glued to soaping videos - hours of fantastically beautiful techniques. Great ladies and gentlemen out there with...