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  1. Stuart Graham

    BTMS-80 replacing BTMS-50

    Hi, For all my conditioner bars, I use 40% BTMS-50 and 20% Cetyl alcohol, but now I can only find BTMS-80, so I think my bar would not look that hard. I guess I need more Cetyl alcohol to harden the bar. What would my new proportion be?
  2. Stuart Graham

    Conditioner bar recipe with BTMS-50

    Hi, I want to try conditioner bars and looking around, I found two versions: 30gr | 30% BMTS-50 30gr | 30% Cetyl alcohol 15gr | 15% shea butter 15gr | 15% cocoa butter 4.5gr | 4.5% distilled water 1.0gr | 1% essential oil 40gr | 40% BTMS-50 43gr | 43% cocoa butter 10gr | 10% shea...
  3. Stuart Graham

    M&P base for shampoo bar issues

    Hi, I have been using Stephensons SS base from some time now and though it doesn't makes so much foam, it does work for me, but I've had some issues with some bars: After taking out of the mold, I usually store them in a plastic box, and many stay there some days on good conditions. But some...
  4. Stuart Graham

    M&P Rice soap recipe questions

    Hi, I'm trying to make a rice soap using melt and pour glycerin. I'm reading so many different recipes and I'd like to try these ingredients besides rice: cinnamon powdered coconut orange or lemon zest Why, well let's say there is a desert based on rice (I think it's named rice pudding in...
  5. Stuart Graham

    Add aroma to a made soap bar

    Hi, The question is: Can I add aroma to an already made glycerine soap bar? I make 2 kg of soap the other day and bought 30ml of aroma, which I later found it was half the minimum recommended by the person who taught me. The soap is half ground oatmeal and half ground cocoa. The soap doesn't...
  6. Stuart Graham

    shampoo bar SCI based correct proportions?

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I'm planning on making my own shampoo bar. I payed for a local course to learn to make one and on that course we actually made one. The results are not bad, in fact my hair feels good. However, I encountered two problems: After subsequent tries, the bar looks...