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  1. Tabitha

    Best company for samples

    judy, who is AHRE?
  2. Tabitha

    Lavender not good for boys (shampoo)?

    If that were true, it would be marketed as a breast enhanser :lol:.
  3. Tabitha

    Shark Tank Soap Pitch

    If you place an order it says something to the effect of "Thank you for your order, we will inform the elves to start making your soap." No whwre on the site does it say they make the soap.
  4. Tabitha

    Dear Tide

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Tabitha

    Natural Recipies Please for M & P

    To add to what PrairieCraft said, natural is not always better or better for you than man made. There are a lot of things found in nature that are harmful so don't get caught up with labels. Natural does not = good and manmade does not = bad. You will need to do lots of reaserch on an ingredient...
  6. Tabitha

    Listing ingredients question

    It looks like the FDA redid their entire website, so the previous links do not work. I researched the new site & theses are the new links below. Same pages & info, just different links.... ... 074201.htm Is It a Cosmetic, a Drug, or Both? (or Is It...
  7. Tabitha

    Listing ingredients question

    My bars do not sweat. Never had one since I have been using this base. With that said it is a very soft base so the bars are softer. I always wrap, or snap the lid on my clamb molds, w/i a few hours of unmolding.
  8. Tabitha

    using perfume in m&p soaps

    Perfumes are NOT water based, they are alcohol based. You do not want to add alcohol to your M&P base. Bosy mists are water based, very, very diluted.
  9. Tabitha

    Listing ingredients question

    I buy from essentials by catalina and columbus foods, they have the best price for mid sized quantity. You can get 20# (or 24#, I forget) blocks at columbus foods & catalina has a great price when you buy 40#s.
  10. Tabitha

    Listing ingredients question

    Chemicals in my M&P do not bother me. It is a wash off product. I am more concerned about what goes in (foods/meds/herbs/etc) my body that what washes past it. There is a customer base that will only buy all natural soap, but it is very minimal, so unless that is who you plan to target...
  11. Tabitha

    Listing ingredients question

    OK, so it is a cosmetic according to the FDA.
  12. Tabitha

    Listing ingredients question

    ASorry the link did not work. This is the info that should have come up: Sorry, this comes up a lot so I thought I would make it a sticky. Is It a Cosmetic, a Drug, or Both? (or Is It Soap?)
  13. Tabitha

    Listing ingredients question

    What do you mean it "is glycerin"? Glycerin is 1 ingredient but there are many other ingredients in it as well. The M&P "glycerin" soap base I purchase contains :Coconut Oil, Palm Oil.Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin), Purified Water Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying...
  14. Tabitha

    Listing ingredients question

    This thread should clear up why you M&P is or is not soap, is or is not a cosmetic & is or is not a drug & what your legal requirements are. This comes up a lot so I thought I would make it a sticky. Is It a Cosmetic, a Drug, or Both? (or Is...
  15. Tabitha

    Listing ingredients question

    If it is M&P. it is probably not soap, it is probably a detergent which is considered a cosmetic by the FDA in the USA so by law you must list the ingredients. Yes, I do.
  16. Tabitha

    HP curing time & pH safety

    If this is indeed a "big opportunity" for you, I wouldn't think you would want to blow your chance by selling inferior soap. You could end your soapmaking career before it begins.
  17. Tabitha

    Question about embedding?

    Fill your mold 3/4 full & let it harden. When you fill the last 1/4 place the bird into that, face up. Be sure to use you alcohol mist so layers & embeds stick together. Most soap you flip over & press out so the bottom becomes the top, but this way the top remains the top. Make sense?
  18. Tabitha

    'prettying up' before selling?

    I package mine right away {like 30 minutes after they are firm} so they don't get finger prints, dust, etc. I don't know of anyway to 'clean them-up,' other than to rinse them off but you have to be careful not to get bubbles on the surface or they will dry with the bubbles in tact. You...
  19. Tabitha

    Best way to get earthy colors in M&P

    You will probably want to start out with a white base so the color you add gets muted or toned down.
  20. Tabitha

    Affordable Melt and Pour Base

    How many pounds are you looking for? Essential by Catalina has what I find to be the best price if you buy two, twenty pound boxes, that is approx 160 bars. Columbus foods has a good price on (I think) a 24# box.