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  1. toxikon

    Sept 2018 SMF Challenge - Carved Soap Designs Entry Thread

    This is the Official Entry Thread for the Sept 2018 SMF Challenge - Carved Soap Designs (Intaglio). Please post your entry soap photos here. You may introduce your entry as desired, with a backstory or description of your soap, recipe, fragrance, experience with the technique or process also...
  2. toxikon

    Sept 2018 SMF Challenge - Carved Soap Designs!

    PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST (and ALL Rules) - General Rules: 1. The only members eligible to vote are those with their names on the sign up list - regardless of whether or not you have submitted an entry. 2. This month’s voting will be password locked. Passwords will be PM'ed to...
  3. toxikon

    I'm baaaack.

    Hi all. I don't know if anyone remembers me or not, but I took a break from the forum (and soapmaking in general) over the summer. No particular reason... I just haven't felt like making soap since the spring! The last soaps I made were for my wedding favours. :) I got hitched in Mexico in...
  4. toxikon

    Best additive to mimic sand?

    Howdy fine folks! I am planning out a soap design to give out as wedding favours for my upcoming wedding! I'm thinking a gradient blue with "sand" at the bottom, like a beach. What additive would be best to add to the yellow "sand" layer to make it look speckled? Pumice? Something else?
  5. toxikon

    Question: Is a yogurt container too thin to store lye solution?

    I'm starting to think about masterbatching lye in small quantities (enough for maybe 3 or 4 loaves) and was wondering what people think about using these types of yogurt containers (with #5 on the bottom): Is the plastic too thin, or does it matter as long as it's #2 / #5? Thanks y'all.
  6. toxikon

    White Tea & Pear

    So happy with how these turned out! Can you tell I'm ready for spring? I used Nurture's White Tea and Pear FO and it soaped like a dream. Aloe juice water replacement and my favourite blend of lard and tallow. Micas from Nurture and a sprinkle of loose bronze mica on top. And a hanger swirl!
  7. toxikon

    A couple vinegar questions

    I was thinking of trying some new things for this month's challenge, including a new high-oleic recipe and a vinegar replacement. So I have a couple questions for the seasoned vinegar soapers. 1. Does using a full vinegar replacement effect trace at all? 2. Any long-term benefits for...
  8. toxikon

    Assortment of Christmas soaps!

    Finally got around to taking photos of my Christmas soaps. They all share the same recipe and are already fully cured. I'm loving the addition of tallow to these batches; they stay a lot harder in the shower. I'm thoroughly enjoying the end-cuts! From left to right: Snow (Sparkling Snowflake...
  9. toxikon

    Interesting article on the essential oil industry

    Just thought I'd share. Warning - it's long!
  10. toxikon

    Gosh I feel bad!

    This is a bit funny, bit embarrassing... I've been gifting my lovely lardy soaps to my mom and her partner for several years for Christmas. For Thanksgiving last weekend, I was over at her house and we started talking about soap. Her partner chimed in quietly and said "I'd love to try your...
  11. toxikon

    Recent influx of spam?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed an influx of spam users with links to sports/entertainment broadcast crap. The mods/admins are doing a fabulous job of dealing with it hastily, but I wonder if there is some better solution to prevent these spammers from even signing up in the...
  12. toxikon

    Soap OR...

    I thought this could be a fun thread idea. Do you ever find a photo of something that looks like soap but isn't? Or soap that looks like something other than soap? Share your finds! I'll start! Soap OR... cube of wood?
  13. toxikon

    Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake Squares!

    I just tried this recipe for a bake sale at work and they are pure heaven! If you're looking for a nice autumn treat to bake, please give it a try. :) Ingredients Crust 2 cups graham crackers, ground 1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar 1 cup butter, softened 1/2 tsp cinnamon Filling...
  14. toxikon

    Favourite additives for a sensitive skin/acne-prone facial bar?

    My fiancé has requested a non-fragranced facial bar for his sensitive skin! I don't see an issue coming up with my recipe (probably lard, coconut, avocado, shea, castor with aloe juice) but I'd like to really maximize the additives. Here's what I have at home: - Colloidal oatmeal - Powdered GM...
  15. toxikon

    Name That Soap!

    I'm not a seller but for some reason, my tired Monday-work-day-brain just thought of this idea for those who sell at markets and the like. Especially for those who like trying out new FOs. I see a lot of posts about "What should I name my new soapy creation" - but what if you left it up to your...
  16. toxikon

    Favorite supplier for bath bomb/bubble bar ingredients?

    Hi y'all, I'm thinking about taking the dive into bath bombs and bubble bars. I think I'll purchase the Two Wild Hares recipes to try! I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend suppliers for the ingredients in US/Canada. I usually go with Wholesale Supplies Plus for my soapmaking...
  17. toxikon

    The ever-growing soap order...

    It starts with reading about a cool new product on the forum... then your brain says "Ooh! I want that!"... then you go to your supplier site and see it's cheap. "Let's get it! But oh... shipping is free after $40. And they have some FOs on sale... hmmmm...!" Five minutes later, I've placed a...
  18. toxikon

    I promised I'd ask... sawdust in soap?

    My friend is into woodworking and he also likes coming over to make his own batch of soap with me once or twice a year. I've been telling him about some fun additives we can try for his next batch. He loves all things breakfast, and I thought it would be fun to do a "breakfast bar". He picked...
  19. toxikon

    Letting your customers do the curing - thoughts?

    I thought this might be an interesting (and maybe hot-button) topic I'm curious about it. I follow a lot of soapers on IG for inspiration, and I noticed one of them mentioned a certain soap was out of stock but she'd have more ready next week when she made more batches. Out of curiosity, I...
  20. toxikon

    WSP Oil/Butter Sale til Mar 29/17

    I'm not sure how their sale prices compare to other vendors, but they have some nice exotic oils that I've been meaning to try, and I like that I can buy them in small sizes. I'm probably going to grab some Meadowfoam, Neem and a few others...