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  1. NadiaLW

    Soap smelling like frying oil

    Hello everyone ! My fiancé was checking on the soap this evening and noticed an odd smell : like frying oil. He has become worried that the soap is failed. After research, I found out that the smell can go after curing but he wants to be really reassured. I can add that its really hot out...
  2. NadiaLW

    First soap results

    Hello everyone! I did my first soap this Saturday, and it seems to be going well with the curing process so far. We did a simple Marseille soap, 70% olive and 30% coco oil, and cold process. We did everything outside to make sure the fumes wouldn't be bothersome. The "soap batter" was put in...
  3. NadiaLW

    First soap this saturday

    Hello, fellow soap enthusiasts! I am making my first soap, simple marseille soap, this weekend if everything goes well. I am reaching out to you with several questions, though. First, I am wondering what type of oils to choose. As it's a test and not meant for selling, I was planning on using...
  4. NadiaLW

    Rice oil or Rice bran oil. What's the difference?

    Hi!^^ I hope you are all having a good day :) So, I am currently making an Excel table with all the oils usable in soap making, their properties, how they trace, pricing,... But I have a problem with one of the oils. Apparently, you can use rice oil to replace olive oil. Wich can be useful if...
  5. NadiaLW

    Hello! Newbie soapmaker from Belgium

    Hello to all! I am from Belgium, south. Just finishing my marketing bachelor's degree and searching for business ideas. I am thinking of starting a local soap brand, with a subscription; maybe in the future. That's why I am learning about soap making! I have loads of questions, of course, and...