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  1. Zing


    I'm pleased with this so far! I used a cocoa butter and supposedly the scent survives saponification. Also scented with benzoin resinoid and orange 10X. First time I used sugar, hoping for bubbles since I used 30% cocoa butter. The line is baking cocoa. You see I'm still on an alternating...
  2. Zing

    Happy Spring!

    Happy Easter and Chag Pesach Sameach and Happy Spring, soapy friends! A quick story here on my chagrin. So 2 years ago I moved to Minnesota. They are serious about their popular State Fair, and along with their butter sculptures and free milk stations, they have a building devoted to "seed...
  3. Zing

    role of extract?

    I'm still working on my dupe of a lip butter. What exactly is the role of an extract (lemon fruit, hibiscus flower, orange flower) in skin care products? Some sources say it's for fragrance, others say it's odorless, it's for helping skin. Can essential oils be substituted? Thanks,
  4. Zing

    chart of components of essential oils?

    I am looking for an article or chart that lists the components of essential oils, like which ones contain citral, gerianol, limonene, linalool, etc. My Google search results in overly scientific chemical formulas and I'm looking for a more layperson's resource. The reason I ask is that I'm...
  5. Zing

    keeping or duping scent of cocoa butter?

    I'm not sure which forum to post this on. A recipient loves my lotion bar made with cocoa butter and orange 10X essential oil (1/3 each of cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, 1% orange 10X eo). She is requesting a soap that smells the same. In my experience, the scent of cocoa butter does not...
  6. Zing

    ice lanterns

    Well I guess these transplants to Minnesota have truly arrived and embraced the cold in the midst of a 2-week stretch of zero degrees. Mrs. Zing gets all the credit.
  7. Zing

    Confetti soaps

    So I won't repeat the freak-out that can be found in another thread, but here's the cut from my confetti soaps. I used Fruit Tree (orange, lavender, tea tree essential oils) and Shear (orange, litsea cubeba, tea tree, bergamot EOs) blends suggested by eocalc. Shear is especially awesome! So...
  8. Zing

    Calling in the experts!

    People, I just had a sucky soaping session. :mad: My post-soaping glass of wine is actually whiskey. I wanted to make 2 loaves each with a different design. For the FIRST time (I will always be in awe of you masterbatchers) I made 1 oils mix and 1 lye/liquid mix. For loaf #1, I measured...
  9. Zing

    Duping Burt's Bees Orange Flower Pistachio lip butter?

    My son is requesting a lip balm like the one in the thread title. I love making lotion bars but this looks more involved and I'll have to do some research in the Forum, etc. My main question, though, is I do not see 'pistachio' anywhere in the ingredients. It does list 'natural flavor'...
  10. Zing

    ash & single cavity molds?

    I successfully avoid soda ash in my loaf molds. When I use single cavity molds, I spray alcohol on the top & cover with plastic. The tops do not get soda ash and all looks fine when I unmold them. But shortly after unmolding, the bottoms and sides get soda ash -- not the tops. Any tips for...
  11. Zing

    Gellers: CPOP vs insulating

    I'm wondering when to do CPOP versus burying my mold in towels. For forever my soaps would spend a night all tucked in under towels. However, my last several soaps have taken a long time to design and I get paranoid that it's cooled off too much, so I CPOP. Is there a rule of thumb or is it...
  12. Zing

    Cleaning up dispersed colorants stains?

    I have a couple of silicon soap molds that were exposed to dispersed oxides and micas in oil. I've scrubbed with Dawn and they have soaked forever in water and Dawn but are still stained. Hit me up if you have an effective hack. Thanks!
  13. Zing

    Another first of 2021

    7 points to anyone who guesses the inspiration for this. I really have done a good job in letting go of soapy expectations -- but for this one I really did have higher expectations especially because it was one of my most labor-intensive ones and it's a gift. My makeshift cardboard dividers...
  14. Zing

    Pock marks?

    Soapers, today when unmolding from my silicone loaf mold, there were pockmarks on the sides and bottom. I was afraid that I had glycerin rivers but the bars look fine, it's just the outside edges with these marks. Does anyone know what caused this? I poured at medium trace, are these just air...
  15. Zing

    benefits of white versus yellow beeswax?

    I make lotion bars with beeswax. I buy white beeswax pastilles from Bulk Apothecary which says it "naturally filters" beeswax to get white. A commercial website that sells lotion bars and skin balms claims that yellow beeswax is superior with more benefits to the skin; white bleached beeswax...
  16. Zing

    2 more soaps, alternating wall pours

    I'm lovin' this new alternating wall pour technique Winter soap! Scents for both are essential oils of bergamot/eucalyptus/fir/ rosemary/peppermint, my new fave. One is kermit green mica with cocoa powder mica lines to match our chartreuse-accented kitchen The other is merlot mica with...
  17. Zing

    Winter soap

    I cut yesterday's soap and fairly pleased with the result. It was my first mica line and my learning is to go heavier next time, but I'm still happy with it. My inspiration is the 3rd photo, visit Flax Milk Layered Soap Project | BrambleBerry . I used my own essential oil blend for scent: fir...
  18. Zing

    Mica-colored oil question

    Soapers, I have a question and don't know how to phrase it on Google or this forum's Search to get the results I'm looking for -- so I'll ask the experts here. I want to use my mini-column mold to make a mostly white column with 4 accent colors at 6% each using an in-the-pot swirl. Obviously...
  19. Zing

    What went wrong? Avert your eyes....

    Aack, people! Hoping some experts can weigh in here -- especially if this soap is safe to use. Yikes, this is truly my worst soap! And I'm not being my normal self-deprecating perfectionist self, this is going to give me nightmares.o_O The color combination (I hear the 70s calling demanding...
  20. Zing

    How to make a red colorant?

    I soaped today and wanted a red. I used Bramble Berry's suggestion on 2:1 bubblegum pink : merlot. It was too pink and I kept adding more merlot and getting more pink. Hit me up if you have a great red colorant or a great blend that makes red. Thanks!