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  1. SoaperForLife

    Anyone notice the shortage of plastic bottles?

    Has anyone tried to buy plastic bottles lately? Everything seems to be out of stock right now.
  2. SoaperForLife

    Natures Fragrance Sale & Closing (For Now).

    Hello, Unfortunately the covid-19 virus situation has not been particularly good for our business or for our family needs. After taking considerable amount of time to think things over we have decided that we are going to take some time away from our business. This has not been an easy decision...
  3. SoaperForLife

    Soapies Supplies - anyone know where her oils went?

    Years and years ago, back when I was younger and probably most of you weren't born yet there was Leslie @ Simple Soothings who would do fast buys for her fragrance oils. Eventually Kelly acquired the codes for the oils and had them for sale on her site but they were under SS Fragrance Oils (not...
  4. SoaperForLife

    Comparison Shopping Site

    Stumbled across this the other day... don't know if this is the correct place to post it or not. Soaper Search compares prices on ingredients using their list of suppliers. I've asked them to include a few that don't appear on their main list: Oregon Trail Soap Suppliers, Elements Bath and...
  5. SoaperForLife

    True or False?

    "These good fats in goat's milk result in a pH level so close to the pH level of your own skin, it helps keep your skin's oils in balance." Taken from a well-known and popular soap manufacturer.... true or false? What do you think?