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  1. CatahoulaBubble

    Rescue of the day

    So I was walking my dogs this morning and my neighbor waved me down. She had hummingbird on the ground in her driveway. It was cold and wet and unresponsive. So I brought him home and stuck him in my cleavage to warm him up. When I felt him start stirring I tucked him into a tissue nest and...
  2. CatahoulaBubble

    Lost Motivation

    I think I've lost motivation to do anything. Even soap making. I've been drawing up designs and I bought some new micas and fragrances to work on the spring and summer designs. I measured out all of my hard oils into their buckets for 6 batches of soap, I mixed up 6 batches of lye/milk so all I...
  3. CatahoulaBubble

    Lather Issue

    Has anyone ever had a fully cured bar of soap that was just fine and had a good lather, suddenly stop lathering? I made some lavender soap last year and I gave a bar to my sister at Christmas time. She's been using it for the last month and she said it was lathering just fine when she started...
  4. CatahoulaBubble

    Puppies in Pajamas

    Ok I know its silly but I bought my pups pajamas and now they are being tortured by having to wear them.
  5. CatahoulaBubble

    Flexible pouring containers- For wax or hard oils

    Cleaning out containers is always a pain especially when using beeswax or other waxes. You can never get it fully clean. BUT I found these little silicone flexible measuring cups that work great on clean up. You can just let the wax or butters cool and then turn these inside out and the wax and...
  6. CatahoulaBubble

    No stir Palm in bulk WSP

    So I placed an order before I injured my wrist for bulk oils from WSP. Now I'd ordered oils from Brambleberry and some other places and thought that WSP would be similar in that the oils would come in buckets but not the no stir palm oil. It came in a box and I open the box and it's a 50lb block...
  7. CatahoulaBubble

    Egg Soap Lather

    So I made a quick video on the lather of my egg soap if anyone is interested. It's kind of dark because I don't have very good lighting in my kitchen.
  8. CatahoulaBubble

    Lard and Tallow

    So I've been thinking about adding lard and tallow to one of my recipes and seeing how it performs. I found lard for $1/lb at my local grocery so I bought a bunch of it mainly to make pie crusts but since I have plenty left over in my freezer I figured why not use it in soap. I can't seem to...
  9. CatahoulaBubble

    Biodegradable Packaging

    Can I just say I'm appalled at the exorbitant markup of biodegradable packaging? It's actually quite insane that companies are charging almost triple for carboard packaging. I was looking at doing lotion sticks but didn't want to use the plastic tubes and instead use cardboard tubes and they...
  10. CatahoulaBubble

    National Shrink Wrap System Question

    For anyone who uses this system, I bought the perforated 60 Ga Biolefin wrap. Does anyone know if I can wrap the bars and let the cure in the plastic since it's perforated or should I just wait til it's fully cured?
  11. CatahoulaBubble

    CP inside M&P

    So I have a thought and wondered about the logistics. If I encase a cp soap inside melt and pour does the CP need to be fully cured first?
  12. CatahoulaBubble

    Mixing HP and CP in one mold

    Ok my soapy friends I am having a heck of a time with this custom order and fragrance. It turns to soap on a stick almost instantly so would it be possible to HP the bottom with the fragrance and then pour CP soap on top so that I can do the design they want on the upper portion? I would do the...
  13. CatahoulaBubble

    Launched My website

    And now I want to throw up. I have always sold locally and only shipped soap to just a few people that were usually family or friends but because of 2020 being a big butthead and all of the craft fairs being cancelled I needed to find another way to sell soap. It's always been an expense I just...
  14. CatahoulaBubble

    Soap Curing Racks

    So I was eyeing those fancy soap curing racks from Willow Way and some other places but they were just a wee bit out of my price range. But then I found some cheaper options that seem to fit me better...
  15. CatahoulaBubble

    WSP Festival of Lights

    Oh my! I ordered this when I went too crazy on winter fragrances and oh my gravy, this smells so good. Way back in the day I had a cinnamon and spice blend oil I used to wear, I got it from some total dive hippy shop that sold incense and I'm sure assorted sordid items along with some strange...
  16. CatahoulaBubble

    Lye issue?

    So I made some lye ahead of time and stored it in a pitcher with a lid on it. I made 4 batches of it and stored it in my pantry out of direct light. I've been using it all along and I just pulled out the last batch I made and it has a really heavy crust on it. I'd seen some lye lint before in...
  17. CatahoulaBubble

    Adding Salt to CP Soap

    So wondering if someone can answer my question. I want to add a bit of salt to my soap but I don't want a full on salt bar and I don't necessarily want a brine bar, I just want to add some sea salt to my soap. So at what concentration would I add the salt and would I just dissolve it into my lye...
  18. CatahoulaBubble

    Recommended Fragrance Usage

    Just a question for fellow soap makers. So when I run my values through soap calc the recommended fragrance usage is usually around 2 oz based on my recipe. But when I've used fragrance calculators by various fragrance vendors the amount they recommend is almost 3 times the amount that soap calc...
  19. CatahoulaBubble

    Additives in Soap- Do they work?

    I've been searching the internet and really haven't found much conclusive evidence so I thought I'd ask her to see what other soap makers have observed. In terms of soap making, adding in special additives to soap, do you find it makes a real difference to skin? I see high end soap producers...
  20. CatahoulaBubble

    Lye with no lid

    So I made up some lye mixture 2 days ago so I would have it ready when I wanted to make soap this weekend. Once it cooled I put a lid on it and left it on my counter in my workspace. Well my partner was visiting and unknown to me he took the lid off so it's been sitting out for 2 days with no...