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  1. Nibiru2020

    Dual Lye Shaving Soap - Modified Hot Process Method w/ Kaolin - 3"x8" Cylinder Mold

    This is from my first test batch of this soap. The dual lye was: 40% NaOH & 60% KOH. This recipe halved made 4 - 1" x 3" shaving pucks. Oils were: Stearic Acid 60%, Shea Butter 15%, Coconut Oil 15% & Castor Oil 5%. 10% Glycerin by total oil weight was added after trace and saponification...
  2. Nibiru2020

    White Bar Soap - Best Batch of CP I've made yet.

    I decided to something out of sequence when making a CP bar soap. I kept having issues with uber fast trace when using fragrance oils and such. So I added the FO to the base oils prior to heating them plus adding sodium lactate to the oils too. In addition, I used a 1 Tbsp. of white kaolin...
  3. Nibiru2020

    Why Does Liquid Soap Nearly Always Turn Amber When Saponified?

    Okay... inquiring minds (or my mind in particular) would like to know why liquid soap nearly always turns an amber color, regardless of the oils used. I started out 20 years ago using the only book on the market, at that time, by Catherine Failor. It's been my bible more or less since then...
  4. Nibiru2020

    Spreadsheet for soapcosting, etc.

    Where may I download a spreadsheet to do soap costs and markups? There are some places but they want to charge $40-50 for a sheet. Any suggestions or help will be appreciated!