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  1. The_Phoenix

    Belly balm

    I found some promising recipes during a preliminary search but I figured I’d turn my query to all you fantastic folk. One of my bffs is pregnant and is like to make her a basket of goodies, including belly balm. Thank you!
  2. The_Phoenix

    Cetearyl Alcohol

    Looking for supplier recommendations for cetearyl alcohol. : Thank you! )
  3. The_Phoenix

    Eureka! Alternative to metal wire in soap cutters

    Last week, as I was cutting a batch of soap, my second-to-last guitar string broke. My daughter was in the kitchen when it happened. She makes jewelry and suggested the wire she uses to make earrings. Alas, it was too thick. She inherited my jewelry-making tools and supplies, so I also knew that...
  4. The_Phoenix

    Are these DOS?

    These bars are coming up on 8 weeks. Made with hibiscus tea and the usual ingredients of oils, butters, and three different clays. However, I added grinded up hibiscus tea leaves to the soap batter. If it is DOS, that is most likely the culprit.
  5. The_Phoenix

    Soapy hacks

    @Jersey Girl's cocoa butter soap hack got me thinking about soap hacks (unconventional ideas to make the soap making process our own or solve problems in an interesting way). I've mentioned before that I use a Styrofoam cooler to gel my soaps. I cook and bake just about every day, which makes...
  6. The_Phoenix

    What do I do? Soap riced. Now what?

    Made a batch of soap last night and everything was going perfectly until I added a heavily floral fragrance and it riced like nothing I’ve ever experienced. There was no fixing it. Normally I can stick blend any ricing but this one went past the point of no return. 😭 Now what do I do with it? I...
  7. The_Phoenix

    I suppose I ought to introduce myself

    Hi! My name is Lisa. I've been making soap officially since January. For a good year-ish before making soap I read and read and researched, and researched some more. Years ago I developed my own face cream, sold it to a CBD supplier who wanted to start making CBD beauty products. While buying...
  8. The_Phoenix

    Soaping with egg yolk

    Hi everyone! I recently made a batch of soap using egg yolk and LOVE the results in my bars. I did plenty of reading ahead of time to feel confident that adding egg yolk will not greatly affect the shelf life of my soap, but I thought I'd open up the conversation with all of you wonderful soap...