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  1. artemis

    My Soap is dirty how do I fix this?

    I do not understand what you mean? Did it fall on the ground? Is it stained from the mold? Do you have a picture?
  2. artemis

    Wilton Easter Peeps Mold

    I didn't know Kmart was still a thing, but here it is for 9.99 on their site:
  3. artemis

    Unasked for advice

    My niece is getting married this summer. For her shower, I am giving her a box labeled "Things you asked for" with gifts from her registry. In a box marked "Things you didn't ask for" I will put useful things that you don't think of til you need them. Like, masking tape and sharpies, a couple of...
  4. artemis

    Laundry detergent consumption

    In the U.S., commercial laundry powder detergent comes with quite a large measuring cup. When I use homemade powder, I only use a couple of tablespoons. So, yes-- speaking of my personal experience, I use less homemade laundry powder than the commercial ones.
  5. artemis

    Oh my Oma...

    That sounds like something my Phoofie would have said. Does Oma also say "God bless it!" as if she meant the opposite?
  6. artemis

    Kaolin &Caraway seed soap test

    Sounds more like ricing to me. Did you use a fragrance oil? An essential oil?
  7. artemis

    Stickiness and quick melting of soap when wet

    What kind of soap dish are you using?
  8. artemis

    Making dry-shampo from a recipe

    If you Google "dry shampoo recipe" you'll find lots of them. Maybe you will even find one with those same ingredients.
  9. artemis

    Want to know why???

    😆😆😆 Sheesh! How old AM I! Or, rather, clearly I was around my grandparents a lot. Or is it a regional thing-- do we midwesterners all still think of the fridge as an "ice box"? 😆😆😆
  10. artemis

    Screeeech!!!! Help.

    If it's only been 10 mins since you put it in the mold, I don't think you need to HP it at all, as long as you can get the OO blended into the batter.
  11. artemis

    Need Help finding/creating tiny fleur de lis cookie cutters

    An ad for this popped up in my FB today...
  12. artemis

    I failed

    I have to disagree. When I was starting to use a calculator, soap calc was confusing and intimidating. Soapee and soap making friend are much more approachable in my experience (as a newer soaper than some-- just 5 or 6 years). The point, of course, is to try one. If you don't like it, try another.
  13. artemis

    I failed

    Personally, I think that's a large batch of soap to be making as a beginner, especially if you're making 4 batches in one week. If you learn how to use a soap calculator, you can easily scale down a recipe to fit a smaller mold. Don't have one? Margarine tubs make great little molds.
  14. artemis

    Trying to replicate a sea themed sage based soap.

    This is going to be a trial and error situation until you find the combination that works best for you. But, yes. You can start with the method you suggested for determining % of oils. A few teaspoons of the salt can be dissolved into your water. The clay can be added to your oils at about 1 tsp...
  15. artemis

    SMF January Challenge 2021 – Planet/Galaxy Soap

    If I don't make it in time, you don't have to send me a voting link.
  16. artemis

    Beginner Soap Business Questions

    Have you visited the business section of the forum? I think that would be a good place to start. There is even a thread about how to know when to start:
  17. artemis

    Substituting liquids

    That's how I add mine. I have done carrot, pumpkin, and avocado this way. That's also how I do powdered milks. I mix the powder with a little water and then blend it into my oils. Then, I am not dealing with frozen chunks or ice baths.
  18. artemis

    Cabbage Recipes?

    I'm not a huge cabbage fan, but my favorite thing is the heart or core. When my mother cooked cabbage, she would save me the heart. I would eat it raw, sometimes with just a little salt.
  19. artemis

    Hair mask

    From what I understand, sodium hydroxide is used to adjust the pH in some cosmetic products.
  20. artemis

    Candle Jar Engraving

    I would try Instructables for help: