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  1. CatahoulaBubble

    I've bought a house!

    Congrats. I'm totally jealous. I've been house hunting for 4 years and still have yet to find a house that fits my requirements and that I can afford. Housing prices here in my state are ridiculous but I can't really move to another because of my job. I'm excited for you but I also understand...
  2. CatahoulaBubble

    should I melt my grainy shea prior to making body butter?

    Add some peppermint EO to your cocoa butter whipped butter. It makes it smell like thin mint cookies. Makes me hungry. You don't want to add too much but just a titch gives it a lovely scent and a tingle to your skin.
  3. CatahoulaBubble

    Rescue of the day

    So just a final update for everyone. Buzzer's eye opened and he was able to see out of it. The eyelid was still a tiny bit swollen but he was able to blink the lid and he was able to navigate quite well. He was definitely ready to fly as when I took his box outside he was chittering and buzzing...
  4. CatahoulaBubble

    Rescue of the day

    So I was planning on releasing Buzzer last week but we had a cold front and bad weather move in so I waited. I thought his eye was as good as it was going to get but tonight when I went to put his drops in I was so thrilled to see his eye opening! He was blinking and everything. So I'm hoping...
  5. CatahoulaBubble

    Rescue of the day

    Well our time together is coming to an end. Buzzer's eye is better and partially open and he's getting anxious to fly. He still feeds from my syringe but as soon as he's finished eating he's flying around my room. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 60°F so I'm going to set him free. I'm...
  6. CatahoulaBubble

    Rescue of the day

    My first hummingbird rescue actually. Buzzer is feeling much better and wanting to fly more but he has 2 more days of eyedrops to go. His eye is looking much better. The swelling on his eyelid has gone down and he's blinking with it again. It's still partially closed but it looks much better...
  7. CatahoulaBubble

    Rescue of the day

    I don't know if the eye was injured before the window as I only found him on the ground stunned and in torpor. His eye already looked like that. I took him over to the wildlife rehab but they couldn't take him as they weren't taking in any new animals and the other place that might have taken...
  8. CatahoulaBubble

    Rescue of the day

    So Buzzer is much better, flying more, eating from the feeder and has eaten about 10 fruit flies. I stick then to his beak with sugar water and he kicks them off. My finger is really too big so we found another use for chopsticks, perfect perches. He's now flying from his perch to the feeder on...
  9. CatahoulaBubble

    Rescue of the day

    I've warmed many a baby animal in my cleavage. It's the best way to warm up cold critters. He's now taking more flights across the room and has figured out how to drink from the syringe by himself now. I also bought some flightless fruit flies to add to his nectar so as to keep his protein...
  10. CatahoulaBubble

    Rescue of the day

    So Buzzer is doing even better. His right eye is swollen still but his balance is better and he's taken a few test flights. He's had breakfast, 2nd breakfast, 3rd breakfast and lunch 1 and 2. I wiped him down with a damp q-tip and he decided to do some preening. He's pooped and peed on me so...
  11. CatahoulaBubble

    Rescue of the day

    So I was walking my dogs this morning and my neighbor waved me down. She had hummingbird on the ground in her driveway. It was cold and wet and unresponsive. So I brought him home and stuck him in my cleavage to warm him up. When I felt him start stirring I tucked him into a tissue nest and...
  12. CatahoulaBubble

    Lost Motivation

    I think I've lost motivation to do anything. Even soap making. I've been drawing up designs and I bought some new micas and fragrances to work on the spring and summer designs. I measured out all of my hard oils into their buckets for 6 batches of soap, I mixed up 6 batches of lye/milk so all I...
  13. CatahoulaBubble

    Laundry Soap Making Clothes Smell - Help?

    I run my washer with Oxyclean only once a month to get the stink out. After I run it I usually have to wipe out the drum of the debris that's dislodged. It's pretty gross what builds up in washing machines.
  14. CatahoulaBubble

    Post your Gripe

    This morning's gripe is Facebook soap makers. There's this ad that keeps popping up with how to make your own soap from this one company/person? It's like how to make citrus soap or variations thereof and some of the recipes that this person posts make me scream. The latest is the orange citrus...
  15. CatahoulaBubble

    Post your Gripe

    Betta fish?
  16. CatahoulaBubble

    In search of your favorite, moisturizing, cold process recipe!

    Moisturizing can be subjective to be honest. I have a good facial soap that I make and sell that people have said they love the way it makes their skin feel but it's not simple and I personally don't like it. It's actually got a list of ingredients with goat milk, hard oils, butters, soft oils...
  17. CatahoulaBubble

    Egg Yolk instantly congealing with castile soap

    I find my egg soaps have a richer, creamier lather than the non egg soaps. I started adding eggs to my soap last year when I had an excess of eggs from my chickens and ducks. I use the whole egg not just the yolk or the white.
  18. CatahoulaBubble

    Split Method for Goat's Milk Soap

    I don't use the split method with my goat milk. I just freeze the goat milk and then add in the lye while constantly stirring. As long as I keep stirring it doesn't scorch.
  19. CatahoulaBubble

    Need Advice Regarding Embeds

    You can use melt and pour to glue them on or mix up a small amount of CP and pour it on top and the stick on the embeds after gel. I've done it both ways.
  20. CatahoulaBubble

    What do you all do with the burlap (?) bags from Nurture Soap

    Catnip toys for cats. I filled some and took them to my local shelter.