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  1. gardengeek

    How long do you freeze to prevent gelling?

    How long do you freeze to prevent gelling? I'm trying it out on a 1lb test loaf this morning. I did the refrigerator method (24 hours) on a full loaf the other day but I ended up with partial gel. I was trying to achieve a nice white. The ends turned out beautiful but every other bar...
  2. gardengeek

    I tried felting today!

    I tried felting today! Room for improvement but overall I'm pleased with the results. I used salt bars I made in April. I wasn't sure how much they would shrink during the process since I lathered & worked them each for a full 30 minutes. They don't look like they lost too much size so that...
  3. gardengeek

    Felted Salt Bars - Can you do that?

    I've never tried felting anything before, but was wondering if I could felt salt bars? I keep my salt bars in one of those sisal (or whatever it is) bags hanging in my shower. It's hanging in a spot out of direct line of any water spray and it seems to hold up pretty well even though the bag...
  4. gardengeek

    It's time to finally meet you

    Hello all! My name is Annette. I live in East Central Florida adjacent to the Kennedy Space Center. I started playing around with Melt & Pour when my oldest granddaughter was little. Every Christmas we would work on a craft project together so she could give them as gifts. The year we made the...