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  1. annalee2003

    Calendula Soap

    First time using calendula flowers in my soap! I infused them in water and used that on my lye mixture. The lye mixture had a nice deep orange to it, but once everything got mixed and came to trace, it was more of a very light peach color. Still love it though! I have a giant bag of the flowers...
  2. annalee2003

    Christmas Tree Soap Experiment

    I really wanted to make a Christmas Tree shaped soap for gifts this year, but I don’t have a mold in that shape. So I got a bit creative! My original plan was to just carve my soap bars up into the shape of Christmas trees. But then I realized I had a cookie cutter in that shape, so I tried...
  3. annalee2003

    First goat milk soap!

    And a minty one at that. I went a little overboard with this batch. There’s a lot going on in these. Goat milk, ground oats, crushed mint and parsley leaves, colored with sage powder, and scented with lemongrass and eucalyptus EOs. I didn’t have any issues with it though! Besides a very...
  4. annalee2003

    Apple Cider Soap

    Used frozen apple cider in my lye water for this one. Colored with cocoa and paprika powder. Scented with frankincense and patchouli essential oils. Which I’m regretting now because I hate the smell of patchouli and the bars just smell like stinky feet. Ugh. First time making round soap...
  5. annalee2003

    Pumpkin Soap

    I was hoping to make a pumpkin soap in time for Halloween, but that never happened, as these types of things usually go. I made one yesterday though! You can thank my 4 year old daughter for the purple sparkly pumpkin! Haha.
  6. annalee2003

    Orange Spice

    Made a water infusion with orange peels, cinnamon and cloves and used it in my lye mixture. Scented with orange and cinnamon essential oils. I'm in love with how the swirls came out! Still learning how to do those. Also, I didn't use orange x10 essential oil, so they will most likely all...
  7. annalee2003

    Tea Soap - Take two!

    These came out much better then my last batch. Scented with bergamot essential oil, which is my favorite essential oil so far!
  8. annalee2003

    Tea Soap Fail!

    I've never cried over soap before, but I almost started crying over this! [emoji30] I made a soap last night with earl grey tea as the replacement for the water in my lye solution. I think I know what the problem is though, thankfully. The recipe was 80% lard and 20% coconut oil, with a 5%...
  9. annalee2003

    Fall Cedar Wood Soap

    I had a couple of big issues with this soap, but overall I think they came out great! It got stuck in the mold, but popping it in the freezer helped immensely! The cedar wood scent was really overpowering and I initially hated it, but it has since faded a bit and smells great now. The coconut...
  10. annalee2003

    Funnel Pour

    First time trying he funnel pour technique! It was super fun to pour (I really do love layering different colors), and I think they came out great! I also had to cut some a different way, just to see how the pattern looked. Still pretty cool!
  11. annalee2003

    Great Score!

    I'm not really sure where to post this, so feel free to move if it's in the wrong place. Beyond happy about this! Went to a local thrift store that sells returned items from other big box stores. Came across a 50lb box of lard. Got it for $10! Asked the store owner if he had any coconut...
  12. annalee2003

    Whipped Rebatch Soap

    So thrilled with these! My last rebatch came out looking like puke. These came out much better!
  13. annalee2003

    Coffee soap

    Somewhat happy with this. The color came out a bit too muddled, but it's not bad I guess (we're all our own worst critics, aren't we?).
  14. annalee2003

    Watermelon Soap

  15. annalee2003

    Hanger Swirl ... Kind of

    My first attempt at a hanger swirl. ... Next time I'll make a bigger hanger tool to use.
  16. annalee2003

    First Pencil Line

    Tried my hand at my very first pencil line design!
  17. annalee2003

    Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil

    Hi! Just wanted to run this recipe by with all you experienced folks first. 2lb batch 80% Coconut oil (25.60oz) 20% Avocado Oil (6.40oz) Water 12.16oz Lye 5.42oz 20% SF I'm completely out of ingredients to soap with, so I went out and bought a small jar of coconut oil. We have a...
  18. annalee2003

    First Rebatch!

    Added safflower powder to it (scraps were originally white). Not really sure if this is what it's supposed to look like? Kinda resembles chili ... Or throw up. Ugh. I am somewhat excited to see how it all turns out though!
  19. annalee2003

    Salt Bar Recipe

    Hi! I want to make a salt bar with the leftover coconut oil (only oil I have left, besides soybean) that I have from my last batch of soap (gotta buy more ingredients!). I've never made a salt bar before though and wanted to run the recipe by with all you lovely people first before I actually...
  20. annalee2003


    They smell like mint chip ice cream, haha.