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  1. Cellador

    ISO 24/410 4 oz Clear Bottles

    Hi all! I hope you are all hanging in there with your respective lockdowns. What a crazy time! I am looking for 4 oz Clear Bottles with lid size 24/410, maybe 30-50 of them. They are sold out everwhere! I'm guessing it's either supply chain issues or because of all the handmade sanitizer being...
  2. Cellador

    When Your Best-Selling Items Aren't Soap...

    Hi all! I know I haven't been around much lately, but things have been crazy since I started my business. Here's what I'm finding: my soap doesn't sell. I have a bunch of other products that I make and sell, and all of them seem to be more popular than my soap. Business is business, so I'm...
  3. Cellador

    SCM's Conditioner Bar Recipe

    Does anyone make conditioner bars based on SCM's recipe? Specifically, with a hydrolyzed protein, a poly quat, and centimonium chloride? I am having some trouble getting these ingredients incorporated into the bars; I'm guessing it's b/c they are water soluable. I end up with gooey, gel clumps...
  4. Cellador

    Organizing Containers for B&B Products

    For those who have a business, how do you store your packaging, bottles & jars? I've started ordering in bulk & I'm at a loss as to storing them. My instinct is to take them out of their bag and line them up, but I'd rather keep them protected & covered. Ideas?
  5. Cellador

    Himalayan Salt in Bath Salts

    Hello! I hope everyone had a good holiday season! Mine was great but surprisingly busy. Anyway, I have been making some bath salts lately (for personal use) , and I've noticed that the Himalayan salt I use is leaving a grainy, sandy residue at the bottom of the tub. Not enough to scratch the...
  6. Cellador

    2019 Business Shipping

    Hi all! I'm sure this has been discussed before but my search came back with too many results, many of them very old threads. So, I'll just ask again-how do you handle your shipping cost estimates for customers for online sales? Do you increase prices enough to cover shipping? Do you give a...
  7. Cellador

    Metallic/Liquid Metal Bath Bombs

    Does anyone know how to get the metallic/liquid metal effect in bath bomb water? Is it simply metallic micas for colorants?
  8. Cellador

    Frankincense & Myrrh FOs

    What is this scent supposed to smell like? I got an FO I recently soaped, and I have no idea if it's an accurate representation of the real thing. It smells smoky, woody, and maybe just a hint of sweetness (like chocolate). Does this sound right? I see some suppliers reference citrus notes, but...
  9. Cellador

    Deceptive Advertising

    Is it considered deceptive/false advertising to take pictures of your product with prop items that are not in your formula? For instance, I have a "Lavender Scented Soap" - can my website show a picture of a soap and lavender sprig even though there's not actually real lavender in the soap? Is...
  10. Cellador

    Need A New Printer

    Printing soap labels is taking it's toll on my old printer. :eek: Anyone have a printer recommendation?
  11. Cellador

    Online Labels Review

    I've posted a bad review or two here, so this time I thought I'd do the opposite. I just wanted to tell everyone how happy I am with Online Labels. This weekend, I was trying to print a bunch of soap labels, and I could not get the design to print the way I wanted it. Frustrated, I had my...
  12. Cellador

    Purple Blend with Dyes (WS)

    I hope I'm not asking you all to divulge a trade secret, but I am curious if any if you are able to achieve a nice purple color with dyes for bath bombs? I keep trying to create a blend, and I can get a purple when mixing a bit of the dyes with water. But, I use a bit of that water on some...
  13. Cellador

    Ugh..weird spots on soap

    As soon as I start selling, I run into all sorts of funky issues. Good learning experiences, I guess. So, what are these brown spots?Overheating, maybe? I've had troubles gelling with my new molds, so I did CPOP it a little more than I have before. But, I baked some soaps last week (literally...
  14. Cellador

    Surely Someone Has Done This Before....

    Oops! I have been making soaps around the clock lately, and I guess I'm getting loopy... I BAKED MY SOAP!! :eek::beatinghead: I CPOP and my loaves were still in the oven...and I preheated the oven to 425. It wasn't fully preheated yet, so I'm not sure what at what temp I realized they were...
  15. Cellador

    Check My Recipe, Please

    So, double batch #2 is having the same problems as the first. My suspicion (err, hope) is that with double the soap, maybe my CPOP process isn't working, and I'm not gelling. I have a very slight partial gel mark, but I might be imagining it. BUT, before I try this again, will you guys check my...
  16. Cellador

    Is Melamine safe for soap-making?

    Are Melamine containers safe to use for soap making? I keep finding all these articles on how terrible it is if you consume it...but will a lye solution cause leaching? How about for leave on products, like lotions and such?
  17. Cellador


    So, I'm finding it necessary to scale-up my batches for the time being. I'm planning on making a small jump from ~2 lbs to 4 lbs, separate but identical soap molds. Are there any common scaling-up issues I should anticipate? Recipes moving faster (or slower) than before? Gelling or overheating...
  18. Cellador

    Wedding Favors

    I think I am getting an order for around 100 customized bar soaps to be used as wedding favors. Anyone have experience in this area? Tips or suggestions? What's a good size for favors? I was thinking around 2.5 oz.
  19. Cellador

    COG- All the little things

    Ok, guys. I have a pretty good grasp of what my per bar cost is, but I am still a little stumped about how you cost the little "I'm not really going to measure that..." kind of items. You know, like micas, dyes, tussah silk, disposable tools, etc that you use often but maybe don't use the same...
  20. Cellador

    Wix vs GoDaddy

    Anyone have experience with either (or both) of these services? Originally, my plan was to start on Etsy, but lately, it's been getting a lot of bad press. And, maybe it's better to not directly compete with the saturated market there and just work on building my own brand from the start. I had...