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  1. Terri E

    Moringa, Laurel Berry Oil Soap!

    This is a laurel oil soap with moringa oil. It has all natural colorants which include blue-green algae, turmeric, moringa leaves and charcoal. It is scented with frankincense, myrrh, hyssop and rosemary.
  2. Terri E

    Christmas Mint Soap

    This is another bear tallow soap scented with peppermint EO and menthol crystals. It also contains kefir, jun, oat/rice milk and silk :)
  3. Terri E

    Black Raspberry/Bear Tallow Soap

    This is a bear tallow soap scented with Black Raspberry It also contains kefir, oat/rice milk and Jun. All great for the skin! On the top I used a combination of regular piping tips as well as Russian piping tips :)
  4. Terri E

    New Soap!

    Bear tallow soap and one Aleppo loaf in the mold!