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  1. MarnieSoapien

    Gracefruit (UK) FO deals

    For my European friends, I received an email earlier today from Gracefruit. They have 30ish 250 ml FOs on sale for 99p! They do have a minimum order of £25 and they only take PayPal and bank transfers. Happy shopping!
  2. MarnieSoapien

    Batch gone wrong

    Today I tried making a brine bar. I used my normal recipe but upped the SF to 10%, used a FO that I haven't used in a while but according to my notes, behaves well and Peppermint EO. I added 20% salt to my lye water and stirred, most of the salt was dissolved when I added my lye water to my...
  3. MarnieSoapien

    HP Questions

    I'm considering trying HP but I have a few questions before I give it a go. I've done some research but still have questions and thought I would ask the people who have experience with HP. 1. I don't have a crock pot or slow cooker and would be doing this on the stove top with a double boiler...
  4. MarnieSoapien

    Marseille Soap, as much as I can tell you

    I just got back from a short trip to Marseille, France where I went to a soap manufacturer and a soap museum (I tried to go to 2 soap museums, but one was closed). I did my best to get as much info on Marseille soap so I could pass the info along to anyone might be interested. The soap...
  5. MarnieSoapien

    Sage EO

    I'm just getting into using EOs in my CP soaps. I want to add sage but don't know if it sticks. Can anyone tell me if it's worth using an EO or should I look for a FO?
  6. MarnieSoapien

    Making smooth soapy rocks

    I have fallen in love with soapy rocks. I've made a couple of batches but the finished product ends up looking bumpy. After a few uses the bumps smooth out and the rocks take on a nice smooth surface. The method I have been using is basically to do a spin swirl, cut and smoosh into rocks. What I...
  7. MarnieSoapien

    How do you choose?

    This year I decided sell at 2 holiday markets. The first was a small market with one other soap vendor and about 10-15 vendors in total. This was my friend's first holiday market and she tried her best. I don't have any complaints about how she ran it or promoted it. The other soap vendor was at...
  8. MarnieSoapien

    Tag line?

    I'm working on making a website now and I'm on the fence about coming up with a tag line. I don't know if it's really necessary. Do you have a tag line? The business name is Homo Soapien and my hubby suggested "Evolve Your Clean" which I almost immediately nixed because I don't do anything...
  9. MarnieSoapien

    Make and take?

    I will be a vendor at a craft fair next month and the organizer has suggested, if we want, to have a small make and take at our table and we can charge a small fee. I'm struggling to come up with ideas. Most of the things I'm thinking of require melting oils (lip balms, solid lotion bar) and I...
  10. MarnieSoapien

    Holiday Market supply

    I've signed up for 2 holiday markets this year. This will be the first time I've sold my soaps at a market and am not sure how many soaps I should have available for each market. To make things more interesting, I think both of the markets are new, so I don't know how many visitors are expected...
  11. MarnieSoapien

    Who's on Instagram?

    So, I'm just started an Instagram account for my soaps. I'm at My pictures are fuzzy but I'll be getting be using a better camera soon :) If anyone wants to follow me, I'll follow you back!
  12. MarnieSoapien

    Crumbly Corners

    I have been having inconsistent results with the corners of my soaps sticking and crumbling. Recently, I increased the amount of OO I use from 35% to 40% and decreased the amount of Castor Oil from 10% to 5%. I have been using a 12 bar silicon mold and feel like I'm getting sticky corners about...
  13. MarnieSoapien

    Beer Soap Questions

    I would like to make a beer soap and I haven't seen any explanation about the beer to water ratio (or leaving out the water entirely). I read somewhere that said you can replace all of the water with beer and other recipes have beer and water. Can someone please tell me if there is a beer to...
  14. MarnieSoapien

    Shopping and shipping woes

    I'm struggling to find the best option and I think I could use a fresh set of eyes and an outside opinion. Here's my dilemma. I have been using a few different distributors to get my ingredients. Company A has the best price on OO, CO and Shea butter, has a small selection of FOs and...
  15. MarnieSoapien

    Smokey FO pairing?

    I have a FO that I'm struggling to come up with a complementary fragrance pairing. It's called Driftwood and it's got a really smokey, campfire scent. Any suggestions?
  16. MarnieSoapien

    EU Risk Assessment recommendations

    I have finally decided on a recipe I like and will need a risk assessment before I can legally sell my soaps in the EU. Last year, I met with a rep from a Danish company and their rates were, in my opinion, pricey (155 Euro/hour), and the assessments take 1-3 hours. They also help with labeling...
  17. MarnieSoapien

    What am I gonna do with all this jojoba?

    I have some jojoba oil (roughly 450 ml) that I bought with the intention of using in my CP soaps but after some research and trail and error, I'm thinking there could be a better use for it. What's your favorite B&B product to use jojoba in?
  18. MarnieSoapien

    Wax Question

    I decided to give wax a try. After some research, I found cosmetic grade, non-GMO rapeseed (Canola) wax, which was being promoted as an alternative to soy wax. I wanted to give it a try and ordered 2 kilos (the distributor was having a 2 for 1 sale). I've used it at 10% in my soap recipe and...
  19. MarnieSoapien

    Crumbly Soap

    I was working on the Soap Challenge and it seems that I waited too long to cut and mold my soaps. They were pretty hard and crumbled when I was trying to shape them, so I added some water and mushed them back together when they broke. I'm wondering what they will be like after they cure. Will...
  20. MarnieSoapien

    Soapy Rocks v2

    Here's my attempt at February's challenge. So much went wrong when making this