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  1. MGM

    Recipe suggestions

    Hi all. I'm (maybe) committed to making 72 soaps for my son's Grade 8 class graduation gift bags. I'm going to make loaves, in various colours (school colours are navy and red, but that will make such terrible lather that 71 sets of parents will hate me....) and the school initials and colours...
  2. MGM

    "Red" you say?

    I made a soleseife the other day (recipe below) and split the batch for colours and FO. I used the same moulds, so to differentiate the fragrances, I made one pale pink (Winter Rose mica) and one a more vibrant pink (Cloisonné Red). First of all, the Beach FO accelerated (and riced, too, I...
  3. MGM

    NDA Canada has no more minimum order!

    I don't yet see it on their website and I don't know if it applies to the US, Australian or UK stores, but NDA Canada no longer has a minimum $100 order! (Got an email about it). TBH, I have usually not had trouble meeting the $100 minimum, to be honest, and I wonder if shipping charges will...
  4. MGM

    low-water vs high-water

    Ok so I've been using a variety of recipes and not paying all that much attention to water amounts. I decided to do 2 small unscented/uncoloured batches of the same recipe: Coconut Oil: 20% Lard: 30% Olive Oil: 30% Grapeseed Oil 15% Castor Oil 5% One used 1.5:1 water and the other used 2.65:1...
  5. MGM

    palm oil and stearic acid

    So....a year ago when I started soaping, I bought a big tub of palm oil. Then I learned more about sourcing of palm oil and decided I wasn't going to use it anymore once I ran out, and indeed, I ran out this very weekend and had to tweak a recipe on the fly :-P My problem: I need new recipes...
  6. MGM

    how to speed trace?

    I know this is the opposite of what most people complain about, but I have a slow-moving recipe that I'd like to speed up. I made it last week and I spent a lot of time stick-blending, standing around, and just generally wasting time. 80% lard 20% CO water : lye: 2.67 5% SF I could soap warmer...
  7. MGM

    Attn Canadians---New Directions coupon code!

    I need castor oil, so I've been slowly building my cart to reach the $100 minimum for NDA. I was going to hit "go" last night, but waited until this morning, and lo and behold, there is a 5% "holiday" discount! a. I have never seen a holiday discount b. they sometimes do a 5% discount in spring...
  8. MGM

    Wrestlers' soap?

    My 13 y o is now into wrestling and we were told to use an anti-fungal shampoo for ringworm, etc. Selsun blue or something was recommended, which AFAIK, is more to slough off dead skin cells when you have dandruff which might be caused by a fungus (or psoriasis or dry skin or a yeast), but isn't...
  9. MGM

    How do I make soap without castor oil??

    This is kind of a silly question, but...what is a good recipe that doesn't include castor oil? I've always used it at 5% (except in my 100% lard bars) but I've run out. SURELY a person can make soap without castor oil.....can anyone point me to a tried and true recipe? thanks!
  10. MGM

    Cocoa butter soap suggestions

    A friend would like "cocoa butter soap scented with patchouli". I'm cheap, so have not yet made soap with pricey cocoa butter or EOs. But, Lord knows I have plenty of both, so maybe I should just do it! I'm contemplating making 3 batches with different cocoa butter recipes and 3 fragrances...
  11. MGM

    Let's talk about usage rates.....

    So all this time, I've been using SoapCalc's default of 31g FO/kg oils. That's .5 oz ppo (edited), half of what most of you use. This may explain why I feel like my CP soaps aren't scented enough. So I decided to look into the safe usage rates of all my FOs. This is what I discovered: 1. It was...
  12. MGM

    Rice Water Soap!

    These are some nice rice water soaps resting (thanks @Dawni for inspiration). Thanks also to @Saltwater Scented , as I came upon this recipe a couple days ago and used it yesterday for some scrubby soaps with pumice that were rushed a bit and oh my I'm not sure how the design will look. Let's...
  13. MGM

    Looking for a lanolin soap recipe

    I've found a number of threads that mention lanolin, but I'm looking for a good recipe for soap using a lot of lanolin. This one looks promising, but I don't have soybean oil....would RBO or Avocado be a good sub? More olive? Something else? Or maybe this one, but I don't have canola oil (I...
  14. MGM

    Genny's Shampoo Cake....I mean bar

    You tell me this doesn't look DELICIOUS!
  15. MGM

    Yikes. Just Yikes.

    Wasn't it just last week that I got surprised by a FO that accelerated because I bought it before I started CP soap and therefore wasn't reading reviews about acceleration then? Wasn't that me, just a few days ago?? Happened again! Got my mystery oils all ready, pretending they were lard like...
  16. MGM

    Genny's Shampoo Bar recipe--and question

    I hope this is ok...I'm reposting Genny's Shampoo Bar recipe, because unless you know to search under "shampoo bar--thanks Lindy" you won't find it! ;-) I'm not planning on using it as a shampoo bar, just as a conditioning soap. BUT, I have no soy oil. Obviously, whatever I change I will run...
  17. MGM

    Please help me understand!

    This has been rattling around in my head for days and I need to get it clear in my mind, so hopefully the wise ones on this board can help! I was under the impression that anything added to a CP soap batter before it sits for 8-24 hours and turns from an oily liquid into a soapy solid undergoes...
  18. MGM

    AC soap gelled despite AC!

    Here's the description of what I did. Boy, if it'd known how much this would look like watermelon, I wouldn't have used Midnight Jasmine FO! At least it lets me know how I can easily make a watermelon soap. Quite pleased with this...nice vibrant colour due to gel (yes!, I gelled! I have small...
  19. MGM

    What IS this stuff??

    Cast your mind back to these beauties! When I first made them, they maybe got alien brain (although they definitely didn't overheat in their individual moulds, maybe my use of IPA on the M&P embeds provoked that?). Then they got what appeared to be ash crystals. ALL my soaps get soda ash, but...
  20. MGM

    Mayday mayday! Mystery oils!

    So....a couple of months ago, I put together a number of jars of oils. This was my baby attempt at masterbatching....let's call it minorbatching, shall we? Anyway, I made 6 jars of my usual recipe which I have written down in SoapCal, in draft email messages (where I do a surprising amount of...