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    Advice please!

    I gifted a lotion bar to one of my friends, she contacted me today and she wants few lotion bars for this afternoon, for someone who is leaving out of town. I told her I'll have them ready for on-time but totally forgot that I am out of vitamin E, can I use ROE instead? Thank you
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    Advice Please!

    Hello everyone I have not been making soap for almost a year due to the large amounts I already have. Some people know that I make soap so I was approached by somebody from the small branch of the art institute here in my city and I was asked if I am interested in having a workshop at their...
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    Aztec FO

    I am thinking of an order from Aztec for the first time. What advice you have for me about their FO. Also, I will appreciate if you tell me about your favorite item not only Aztec FO. Thank you
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    Illipe Butter

    I ran out of Cocoa Butter, so I found some Illipe Butter that I bought a while ago. Does anyone know if it gets gritty? Do I need to temper it? I don't find much info about it. Thank you in advance.
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    Water Cooler for Storing Lye

    I have an old water cooler in my garage, it started to drip at some point so I am not using it for anything. Is it a good ides to use it to store my lye? I have ordered few new lye containers, I want to be sure that I am storing them right. My other lye bottles got clumps, I don't feel I like to...
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    Piping Rock sweet Almond Oil I found this to be very cheap comparing to other suppliers, does any one here buy from this company? I bought only small amount one time few years back, they had no expiration date. I don't mind to buy the size...
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    Star San calculation

    I have received my shipment and made my first solution for my small containers, I will be appreciated if someone else checks my calculation one more time. I diluted 1 oz. of Star San in 8 lb. of tap water instead of 40 lb. and immersed my small containers in there, so in order to fix it I took...
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    I made a mistake...

    I decided to do my small experimenting batches all at one time to save time next week to catch up with other things. I prepared my lye solution in a big batch to work on all of them one by one to try new FO and colorants. One of the batches didn't reach a trace, it took so long stick blending...
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    Best Practices to Sterlize Containers

    I have plenty of containers, different sizes, I struggle when it comes to sterilizing the ones that are very small, 1/4 oz. lip balm containers, 7 grams jars, 1/2 oz. bottles. I need some advice how to deal with that, please. I am concerned mostly when using them for anhydrous products. Is there...
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    The Sage Recommendation

    I don't' have any experience with them before, so I am looking for an insight from the current customers here on the forum before placing an order, what do you think about their FO and EO? What is best they sell? Anything to avoid? Thank you very much.
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    Rice Bran Oil Soap making Friend

    I am out of OO, so I am replacing it with RBO from Low's. Is it the same as RBO refined in soap making friend Calculator? Thank you
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    NG FO Order

    I decided to place a new FO order from NG from her top 40 best sellers, I like the service and the quality as I am in the mood of trying more new FO. I used some of them but I feel the need to change to new ones Will you please share with me what are your top FO that you used and you really...
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    Favorite Christmas FO

    I am looking for new Christmas FO to use in my soap, what do you use that really smells good, no acceleration or discoloring, please? Thank you.
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    3D Printer for Soap Moulds and Cutters

    What do you think about that? Does it make sense to print soap mold and cutter in 3D printer? Someone was talking to me about it.
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    Jojoba Oil suppliers

    I would like to buy a gallon of jojoba oil, I have been testing it, my skin likes it, so I am thinking maybe buying one gallon will be more helpful than buying the little containers as it has a long shelf life, also I think it may make a difference with the price, and shipping as well. I buy my...
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    Soap Price & Bath Salt Labels

    I was in a big educational convention, then I learned that a lot of vendors go over there to sell their products. I went around and recognized someone who sells soap locally around my area, I noticed that the soap price has gone up for the same soap that was offered locally for cheaper price, is...
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    Wrapping my bath bombs

    I want to keep my bath bombs fresh when I store them. What is the best way to wrap them? Also, how do you package your bath bombs when you want to give them to someone? Thank you.
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    Lace Mats for CP

    I have been looking around for a while for lace mats, or plastic laced table covers to use them in my CP molds, all I found is expensive, does anyone know a reasonable source to buy them? Thank you
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    Help Wanted Please

    I have made a batch of soap last week and accidently used the amount of water for the lye. I was supposed to use 134 grams of NaOH with 339 grams of water but I used 339 for both. I ended up with a brittle soap that heated up to 450 F in the mold. I haven't had this happening before, so I did...
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    Mixed oils

    Hello everyone, I lost my labels for my oils that I mixed sometimes ago, I don't remember the exact percentage or what oils I mixed. I remeber reading a thread here about similar thing, I can't find it. Would someone kindly refer me to the thread. Thank you. Madi