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    Here are a Few of My Newest Soaps........

    Totally gorgeous as usual! Your Castile is so creamy looking and I love the hearts!
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    peak sale!

    I broke down and ordered a sample pack yesterday. Can't wait to try them! I'm on an apple and pear kick. Oh and a fresh and fruity kick too! #1 Apple Blossom #2 Bartlett Pear #3 Botanical Orchard & Nectar #4 Brown Sugar & Fig #5 Casaba Mist #6 Green Tea #7 Mango Peach Salsa #8...
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    lavander creme

    Very lovely. The natural light really picks up on the creaminess of the bars. I love how you wrapped them too. Very nice!
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    my "ideal soap"

    very cool and zen like. Wish I could smell it. Great job!
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    BCN's Vanilla Stabilizer - what have you tried it in?

    Thanks for the link Billie!
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    my latest creations

    Gorgeous! I thought they were CP. Great job with swirling! I've tried swirling M&P and just get 2 blobs of color! Very pretty!
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    Very upscale! I'm impressed!
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    Coconut Lemongrass slice

    Yummy and dreamy. I want to eat it. Exactly, no wait, better than lemon meringue pie! Awesome soap! I would love to smell that FO too!
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    Stearic Acid in Soapmaker?

    I HP my shave soaps and throw in some glycerin after cook. Never weighed it though. I should think about that next time. Stearic acid is great for shave soap and seems like the glycerin balances it out and keeps it from being drying or waxy. I'm out of shaving soap and it's been on my list...
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    BCN's Vanilla Stabilizer - what have you tried it in?

    I love the scent too! I'm still going to give it away for Christmas gifts. The edges are turning brown a little. Very yummy fragrance. Spicy and sweet, but not too spicy.
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    Colors and scents... When?

    Thanks! :P It's hard to resist the glitter!!
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    BCN's Vanilla Stabilizer - what have you tried it in?

    I also made an HP batch of cranberry apple marmalade, colored it peach, loved it, and now it's turned brown!!!!!! Wish I would've used the stabilizer on that!!!
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    Colors and scents... When?

    I prefer light trace. That way I can stir really fast and get it in the mold while it's hardening. By then it's thick trace and you can do the fluffy tops! This is just a one pound test batch so I can't say what would happen if I needed more time to work with. I tried adding to oils, but...
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    BCN's Vanilla Stabilizer - what have you tried it in?

    I used the stabilizer with birthday cake and my soap is light brown.
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    BCN's Vanilla Stabilizer - what have you tried it in?

    I'm planning on trying it with Birthday Cake FO. The FO crystallized so I am going to try to warm it up first. I'm hoping to get to it early this week. I'm curious to see if it works.
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    BCN's Vanilla Stabilizer - what have you tried it in?

    So far I've only used it twice. I discounted water up front (in addition to normal discount) to account for stabilizer liquid w/FO. I used it with Chanel No. 5 because it mentions vanilla in it. Stayed an ivory color so far. The ivory was because the oil was very yellow. Also used it in an...
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    My week of swirls

    Absolutely gorgeous!
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    Some of my soaps using my lightbox

    Thanks! It seems the norm for charcoal is 1 tsp ppo. I used more than that and would use 1 tsp ppo next time I did this. It was so gritty that I actually had to get some out of the oils. I didn't use any oxide. I think the charcoal will give more of a gray soap.
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    A Good salt bar recipe for CP

    Some people find coconut oil drying since as it cleans it strips moisture away from your skin. Keeping the SF around 15-20% seems to be a high enough percent to help moisturize and prevent that itchy feeling. I find 6% SF fine for soaps with 20% CO but anytime I do a high CO bar I need the...
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    I've been remiss...

    Wow! They are all amazing! I love how you do your swirls! The watermelon one is so pretty. I love that color. The brown soap and green soap swirls are perfect.