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    2 new ones

    By opalgirl at 2012-03-12 Scent blend of Green Tea and Bergamot & Mandarin. I think I used too much green tea but oh well, it smells great! By opalgirl at 2012-03-12 Japanese Cherry Blossom. I love this scent. I used BB Impatien Pink then swirled in some TD.
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    Plum Tea

    [/url] I love Plum Tea from Bramble Berry! I first made a scrub with it and now the soap. Highly recommend. :)
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    Can you help me name this?

    Hi, I'm drawing a blank on what to name my soap. It is a blend of Bergamot & Mandarin and Green Tea. It will be natural color with green tea leaves in the soap. It's definitely "spa" like with notes of citrus and astringent. I wouldn't say it's relaxing. More like invigorating. Any...
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    looking for an essential oil blend to make an Ocean scent

    Hello, I would like to make an "ocean" scent using only essential oils. Any ideas? Thanks! Opalgirl
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    Is it possible to create a "like" button on SMF?

    Hi! I guess this is directed at the administrators or moderators. Is it possible to create a "like" button for SMF. I love it on FB. Sometimes I want to let someone know that I like their soap pix but do want all of the emails of other comments. I don't want to eliminate emails because it...
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    4 new scents

    Pomegranate Chunk soap. I originally made this the dark color but it was way too dark so I cut it up and put it in a batch of uncolored soap. By opalgirl at 2011-09-16 Japanese Pear and Ginseng - too much Lemon Lab color and it overheated so it was a bit crumbly ~ a nice soap to use...
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    I need a scent suggestion

    I'm making a carrot and coconut milk bar and have no idea what to scent it with. I already have a coconut scent in my line. I will be using pureed carrots for the color. I'm thinking something light and that could be year round. Thanks! Opalgirl
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    soapmakers guild

    I'm confused about the soapmakers guild. I am considering joining and want to make sure I understand everything correctly. There is a soapmaker in my area that has the HMSG logo on her site but I cannot find her listed in the "find a soapmaker section". I thought once you are a member you...
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    First farmers' market of the year

    First market May 28th. Unfortunately it was rainy but it's cheap to participate. I had a lot of good response to my new body products - lotion bars, emulsified scrubs and body butters. Soap collection Facial and Specialty Bars Bath and Body products Bargain table...
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    How do you keep your lotion bars and body butters cool

    Hi, This will be my first year selling lotion bars and body butters at summer events. How do you keep them cool? I would like to have them on display but I don't want them to melt. I do a 65% shea whipped butter and my lotion bars are cocoa butter, beeswax and almond oil. So far I haven't...
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    soaps and some bath & body

    Spearmint and Lavender Shea Bar Cool Cilantro Lotion Bar Bath Salts Blackberry Sage Tea - new label
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    Goat's Milk vs vegan soap

    I have used Goat's milk soap but I make vegan soap. Personally I can't tell the difference ~ they're both good. (guess I just like my recipe LOL) Anyway, are there oils that impart the same properties as goat's milk? If someone wanted a vegan bar but had the same qualities as a GM bar what...
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    Status change

    This is silly but I was wondering, at what point will I become a "contributor"? LOL Seems like I've been a "regular" for ever. LOL :D
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    Balls! And other stuff...

    I made a batch of Hydrangea and the colorants didn't mix well. I wasn't keen on rebatching the whole thing so I started making balls. I made another batch with Hydrangea FO and added the balls. Viola! My first ball batch! LOL Summer Bouquet with Calendula - Blend of misc florals...
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    ban on bath salts?

    I need to do some homework, but what is this all about? ... 96344.html
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    3 soaps

    "Salon" - Biolage dupe - Love it! Dead Sea Mud Bar Bergamot & Mandarin
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    This is a new problem for me

    So I made this awesome dead sea mud bar with all kinds of expensive oils and "good for ya" stuff. I thought it would look cool plus add some exfoliation if I added some medium coarse dead sea salt on top. Just checked the bars and they are somewhat wet where the salt crystals are imbedded. No...
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    straight or crinkle?

    Do you straight cut or crinkle cut your soap? I straight cut mine but I like the look of the crinkle. Pros and cons to both? Opalgirl
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    Sorry I have to vent

    I bought this TOG mold on etsy thinking it would solve my no lining issue. So wrong! ... r-log-mold ( I bought the 5 pound ) First of all, I live 3 hours away and it took over a month for me to receive it. The etsy site said it was in stock and...
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    I'm confused

    As stated by a previous post I want to make more advanced scrubs. I have been using Phenonip in my body butter but would like to go to Optiphen Plus for scrubs and butters. I was just reading that Optiphen and any paraben free preservatives are not suitable for anhydrous products. (I just...