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    Luau wedding ideas

    My best friend is having a summer wedding. It's going to be simple and casual. She wants to have a hawaiian luau theme. A bunch of friends and I are helping her plan it and decorate for it. What are some fun hawaiian themed projects I can do/make for the decor?
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    favorite bbq recipes

    Next weekend I'm hosting a summer bbq with some friends and family. I haven't decided on a menu yet. What are your favorite bbq meals/recipes/ideas?
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    Post more pics!!

    I love seeing what everyone is working on. Lets utilize this section of the forum more!! (I know that means i need to as well) I've taken a few pictures of my projects lately, i just need to figure out how to crop them and resize them and all that and i'll get them up.
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    Massage oil recipe?

    What massage oil or cream recipes do you use? In the past I've always just bought a carrier oil and added a few drops of an essential oil, but i'm just wondering if anyone has a better recipe than that.
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    Oil spray

    I recently started filling up little spray bottles with various blends and spraying them in the bathroom and shower pre-bath or shower. It makes the whole bathrom fill up with a nice aroma-mist. Then i spray a light mist on myself when i get out of the shower. For me it's a nice way to use the...
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    Isle de tahiti

    Ok, this isn't really about homemade bath and body, but rather store bought b&b. Has anyone tried the Isle de tahiti lotion from bath and body works? They have coconut vanilla lotion that is to die for. It's an amazing lotion, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I bought the sample size when...
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    Ready for the warm weather

    Yay! Springtime!! Anyone else as excited as me that the weather is starting to warm up?
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    Monkey farts?!?!

    I was just looking online to order some new fragrance oils and came accross one called monkey farts. Any one smelled/used this before? The description sounds like it might be pretty yummy: "This unique fragrance begins with top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi...
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    Summer projects

    I know I'm skipping ahead with the seasons, but i can't help it. I'm a sucker for the warm weather and i'm completely ready to head straight into summer. What are your favorite summer projects? What fun summer scents can i try? I know it might be a litle early, but what are you planning on...
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    ISO St. Patricks day soap recipes or ideas

    What are some st. patricks day themed so recipes and/or packaging ideas for soap or other bath/body products?
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    So i'm totally addicted to 24, American Idol and Scrubs. Thanks to Tivo i don't have to plan my schedule around them anymore. What shows are you addicted to?
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    ISO warming massage oil

    I had a professional massage the other day and the therapist used a warming massage oil. I wondered if it was something i could make myself. I think it would make a great valentines day gift! Anyone have a recipe?
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    I gave my husband a list of all the fragrance oils, essential oils, molds and supplies i wanted and he got me just about everything on my list. I was so excited. I haven't stopped making soap since christmas night. What did you get?
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    Spring projects

    Maybe it's a little early for this (considering it's not even christmas yet) but I always tend to be a little anxious for spirng and tend to start on my spring-themed crafts a little early. What are you working on this spring? I need some inspiration.
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    Spring candle scents

    I'm starting to think about spring projects now. I want to get a bunch of candles made up for the various spring holidays: easter, mother's day, st. patricks day, valentines, etc. what are some good springy scents I could try?
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    I think it's probably just stress, but I haven't been sleeping well lately. What are some oils I can use before bed to help me get a decent nights sleep?
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    Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!