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    Castille Soap

    I know, there are a billion threads on castille soap here but I'm not sure the previous threads I saw really answered my questions. Sorry in advance for sounding so newish. ;) Anyway, the first soap I tried to make awhile ago was a castille with just 100% extra virgin olive oil, lye and...
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    The best way to treat lye burns?

    My sister was using my lye to clean out some pipes and I think some lye water accidently splashed on her. It isn't a huge burn or anything but it's still bad. So any help will be greatly appreciated
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    Need help with castile soap

    Hey, I just wanted to say how great this forum is to begin with. Other forums people will ignore your questions because they don't know you. But everyone is so nice and helpful here, it's really great. Anyway, so I made my first batch of soap a week or so ago. It is castile. I have been...
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    Trouble with hardening (new soapmaker)

    Hey, I made my first soap about a week ago, castille. It looks ok and doesn't smell bad or anything but it still hasn't hardened. I took the lid off the primary mold it's in to let it breathe and harden for a couple of days. But I did that like 2 or 3 days ago and it's still pretty soft on...
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    Another newbie question, please help

    Hey, I have just made my first soap. Castille. I'm not sure I poured it into its primary mold when I was suposse to. The trailings were difficult to spot, especially because I've never seen one before. So the soapmaking book I have says I need to put the liquid soap mixture into a primary...
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    New potential soap maker

    Hey, I am just getting into to soap making. I had some questions about the equipment I'll be using for the soapmaking. In the book I got on soap making it said to get a long handled wooden or plastic spoon for the lye/soap mixture in the begining. I got a long handled nylon spoon but it is...