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    the Lye Lied!!!!!

    I mixed my lye and it appeared to dissolve as I stirred it - temp = 203 degrees. The lye was 4 years old in an unopened container & plastic bagged stored in a cupboard in my garage. When I went back to check the temp again about 3 to 4 tiny beads had formed. I mushed them with my spoon and...
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    Aftershave alcohol

    I'm going to attempt making some aftershaves. Does it matter the quality of the alcohol I buy? Do I need to buy an expensive vodka or does it matter?
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    Packaging Materials

    Has anyone taken the packaging material from BB & heated it to re-use it again? Can this be done?
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    Flavor Oils

    Can Flavor Oils that are used in Candy be used in Lip Balms like these listed below? I'm looking for a Raspberry Flavor Oil that I can get quickly...
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    whipping Beeswax

    I want to try to whip a balm with beeswax in it. It firms up so quickly. Has anyone ever tried to whip something with a heavy beeswax concentration in it? What happened? Does it work?
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    IPM in Beard Oil

    How about putting IPM in Beard Oil?
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    Body Butter - Dead Fish

    I ran out of my Avocado Body Butter which I can't live without. I decided to make a double batch - 2 lbs. plus! I added the preservative .... Optiphen (which I have used many times)! Have you all figured out where this is going? The Optiphen & body butter STINK! It's in the garage now...
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    Etsy is having major problems

    If you have an Etsy shop, please read this at in the Forums. Are Etsy shop owner's item pages being masked into other websites?
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    Titanium Dioxide

    I want to mix my Titanium Dioxide from BB like Kevin Devine does in the ketchup squirter! How much Titanium Dioxide & how much water do I mix together?
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    Peak Fragrance Sale

    PeakCandle - Denver, CO Save 15% on all Fragrance Oils! Save 15% off ALL fragrance oils, while quantities last, when you enter the promotional code in the "Add a Promotional Code" box and click the gray arrow button next to the box at checkout. Limit one promotional code per customer. Offer not...
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    Body Butter & Emulsifying Wax

    I just read the ingredients on a Body Body. The body butter does not contain any water - just butters, oils, preservative & emulsifying wax. Why is emulsifying wax needed? Am I missing something?
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    What is wrong with this shaving set up?

    Does anyone see anything wrong in this shaving set up (image below)? This is what the man did: Lather at start: Here is the brush after I've churned it around in the soap jar to load it up. Lather in scuttle: Here's the brush after going around in the scuttle for about 30-45 seconds...
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    Wsp Insurance

    I just received an email from WSP concerning an insurance policy for soapers - $275 a year. I haven't read the details yet.
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    "What scent would you recommend?"

    I have customers always ask me "What scent would you recommend?" I hate this question. Scent is such a personal choice. What would your answer to this question be?
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    3M 6002C respirator

    Hi, I seem to only find the 3M 6002C for the UK. Does anyone know the equivalent of this respirator for the US?
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    My wooden soap molds arrived!

    I received my 2 wooden soap molds today from WorkshopHeritage! They are beautiful & less than half the price of BB! I am delighted!
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    Plastic Spoons & Cups

    Hi, I want to buy some plastic spoons & plastic cups today to divide my soap color mixtures in to swirl in CP. What type of plastic can I use for spoons?
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    Silicon Liners

    Does anyone know where I can purchase silicon liners for my wooden soap molds? BB doesn't have them anymore.
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    CPOP seems to be the answer to me if I want to use silicon molds & guarantee gel. Is this assumption true? My concern is if I manage to do a decorative top on my soap loaf will it be ruined if I put the loaf in the oven to gel? Arianne never seems to do anything special to gel but she...
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    HELP! Equation

    If I want 16 ounces to = 80% Then how do I figure out how many ounces to use for the other 20%? What's the formula? PLEASE...