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    Favorite oils

    When i take a shower in the morning I plug drain so the tub fills up a little and put a few drops of grapefruit, orange or lemon in the water. The citrusy scent helps me feel energized in the morning.
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    Forum category suggestions

    Maybe a holiday or seasonal category - once there are more posts it would be nice to be able to reference certain holiday themed crafts without having to sift through everything else.
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    Themed christmas tree

    I'm getting ready to set up for christmas and I thought it would be fun to do a themed christmas tree this year. I have a few ideas that come to mind: - Under the sea theme with fish ornaments, starfish and seachells, nets, etc - Pirate theme with jeweled garland, pirate flags, treasure...
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    DIY wedding favors & decorations

    My sister is getting married and my friends and I are hosting a bridal shower. I need some ideas for bridal shower themes, favors, decoration, centerpiece and any other ideas!
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    starting a soap making business

    So far my soap making has been strictly hobbie, but I figured it might be time to make a little money at it. I've never started a business before, so I don't know the first thing about it. Can someone give me some pointers or maybe point me in the direction of some helpful resources?
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    The movie game

    Stranger than fiction
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    Interesting candle

    Weird - I've never seen anything like that. I wonder how long it burns for?
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    Does soap go bad?

    How long does the typical homemade soap last? I have a bunch I made a few years back and I'm wondering if they're still ok?
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    A use for my old records. . .

    I made shelves out of records once. I used a blow torch to sort of melt the center of the records enough to bend them. They aren't sturdy enough for heavy items, but they're great for displaying little nicknacks.