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  1. K

    Soapmaker Program

    Hi all, I haven't posted in such a long time, but have been distracted in other things. I apologize, but I'm still here in both mind & body lol!! I do have a quick question for someone who uses the soapmaker program. I'm pondering the purchase. Can this be used for other things besides bar...
  2. K

    Oils & Butters

    What website/guy "Mike", who sells really good butters & oils? know him...I need to look on his website, be damned if I can think of his company :shock: Mike from......Its just not coming into my mind!!! Thanks for your help, Kat
  3. K

    Just bot a TOG Soap Mold

    Hey Paul,,,,Just bot a TOG Soap Mold.....Gotta get in before the Price increase from UPS....Just wanted to let ya know :D Been looking at it for a while, and searching ebay for a comparison, and NOTHING compares. I wanted to BUY from you anyway, but I JUST had to do a "compare" for the heck of...
  4. K

    Salt Bars

    I'm not getting the benefit of salt bars. Can someone explain the purpose, size, shape, cost, benefits, purpose, am I repeating myself? I read that people LOVE a Salt Bar....Why, How come? Do they use it all over their body like normal soap, or is it for your face, your hair as a shampoo (maybe...
  5. K

    Is Bret Here, need help with Shaving Soap...

    Bret...I need your help. I ordered Shaving soap & shea butter Soap MP base from KY candle. Can you pleeeese suggest how much shaving soap to incorporate into the Sheat butter MP?? I tried to email the company with this question, but they use a different type of email, and I cannot get it to...
  6. K

    Soap Calc questions

    That Soap calc intimidates me to no end. Obviously I'm not doing something right. What if I have a recipe that is 2lbs, and I want to use the same oils in the 2 lb recipe, but make it a 3lb batch. Can I just put in the oils I want to use (using the +/-) and click the oil over to the soap...
  7. K

    Having the hardest time with MP

    I made MP a few days ago, and I'm having the darndest time with the soap drying on the sides of the 4 cup pyrex. I do not have a double boiler. I used (as above) a 4 cup glass pyrex measuring pour spout container, and that is in a 5 inch wide pot with simmering water. It takes forever to melt...
  8. K

    Has anyone soaped a Ginger Scent

    I have a bottle of Ginger Souffle that is not very popular in candles, so I was going to try and make CP soap. (its soap safe) Has anyone soaped a Ginger scent? Did you add any additives. Was thinking of adding something, to make it look more interesting. I bet it would be a pretty tan/yellow.
  9. K

    Additives to MP soap

    Has anyone added Cocoa Butter to their MP soap? Was wondering if that would "harden" the soap more, or add more moisture. Looking to add more moisture and suds, not necessarily hardness. The bars are quite hard as it is. I have added shea and castor to the MP, and it turns out pretty good...
  10. K

    Citric Acid

    Where can I find Citric Acid? Is it available at the grocery store? If so, where?
  11. K

    Bluewick Soy Candle Fragrances

    Has anyone tried a BlueWick Soy Candle? I am desparately trying to find a Blackberry fragrance that is a duplicate to what this company makes. I have purchased a bunch of Blackberry scents, trying to match this FO, and I cannot seem to match this in any sort of way. I have searched the Web...
  12. K

    Lye heavy. question

    I know what allyour answers are going to be, but need to ask before I toss the batch. I was the one who made a 2lb rain scented soap, and forgot to add the castor oil at trace. The color turned out nice, quite white base with very light blue swirls - wanted darker, but oh well....(for a newbie...
  13. K

    I'm bummed

    I just made a basic 2lb batch of OO and CO, added China Rain scent, made my lovely swirls, poured into a loaf mold, went to go clean up, and I found my dish with the 2 tbsp castor oil. I was SUPPOSED to add at trace, but forgot.....bummed. Well, this is my 1st batch I have messed up (out of 4...
  14. K

    Where to find Palm Oil & PKO

    Newbie here, made 3 - 3lb batches of CP Soap and I am another addict to join this forum. Can someone tell me a name brand of Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil. I know where to buy this online, but can this be purchased in the grocery store? If so, I would like a name brand and have my corner store...