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    Painting with mica

    Okay, so I made gingerbread men and xmas houses and painted them with mica. They are absolutely gorgeous. However, when I try to package them or even touch them they smear and it s been two days? I did spray hairspray on them like I saw in a video but that didnt help either. How do I get them to...
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    Red:( help!

    I spent the day trying to make Xmas soap and have micas, color blocks and liquid colors yet nomatter what, my red looked pink like a grinch xmas! Is there some secret to red that I dont know???
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    Vanilla Stabilizer

    I ordered vanilla stabilizer for my bubblegum and chocolate. But for the life of me, I can not figure out how much to use? Do I just use 1-1 ratio?
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    SF Salt salt Dupe of California reeze

    I am in love with bath salt, "California Breeze" and desperately want to make a whipped butter or lotion of this but just cant find right scent..Has anyone ever smelled it to know what it is I am looking for and or what brand of FO ? They only list the scent as California Breeze?