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  1. cmzaha

    Euxyl K910 - Paraben and Formaldehyde Free Preservative

    Quanta has given some really good advice here in all her posts. I have fought extreme, at times life-threatening eczema since age 2. It can be brutal and so many times synthetic is safer than so-called natural. You just cannot know what the trigger is without testing which as noted they do not...
  2. cmzaha

    Soleseife in a loaf?

    I pour my Soleseif in a loaf and it takes longer than actual bars to set up, but will usually set up quicker than your regular bars depending on your Lye concentration so just check on it once in a while. I cut mine with my regular multi-wire cutter.
  3. cmzaha

    100% coconut oil soap mess!

    I came up with she used 16 oz CO
  4. cmzaha

    A new reptile friend

    Oh, I must have read wrong, I thought you had the Oothecas. I realized your brother ordered one and if I remember they sent him extras. How sweet of them...not. That is why I do not want to raise Mantids, just too many to deal with, I agree with your mom let the strongest survive. :nodding: My...
  5. cmzaha

    Original Recipe Vs. Original Design

    I totally agree with Earlene. Worry about your Business Name and labeling. It is almost impossible to copy someone's design. As far as that goes I find it difficult to duplicate my own designs. As for soap recipes, you would not know their percentages even if you used the same ingredients on...
  6. cmzaha

    ISO 70/400 Lids Supplier

    Papermart carries them.
  7. cmzaha

    A new reptile friend

    Oh my goodness he is tiny. In the other pic, he looked much larger so I was confused when I saw the little one on the stick, and does not necessarily look 2-3 months old in this new picture. Pictures are so deceiving, but your thumb is not. Fortunately, the little guy or gal does not seem to...
  8. cmzaha

    A new reptile friend

    They remind me of horned lizards also, which we have in our CA deserts. I loved catching them as a kid, keeping them for the weekend in a box then letting them go when we left. I would only keep them overnight so no one get upset.
  9. cmzaha

    A new reptile friend

    Congratulations. your new youngster is so adorable and of course, I am jealous since love Beardies. If we ever get to our final move I just might add a Beardie or two to my collection. They are just so friendly and fun. My girls each had Beardies after their iggies went to their big land in the...
  10. cmzaha

    My salt bar mix not hardening

    You also never want to use anything other than fine sea salt in salt bars, coarse sea salt is much too scratchy in salt bars so be very careful with them and I do not suggest giving any away. What adds to the sharpness of Himalayan Salt sharp is the clay which is normally found in Himalayan salt...
  11. cmzaha

    Would you use a website dedicated to cataloguing fragrance dupes?

    Rose Bouquet by Peak was a really good seller for me and a beautiful Rose fragrance. Fragrance Buddy sells a perfect dupe of Peaks Rose Bouquet.
  12. cmzaha

    Beaded Dress a Past Hobby of Mine

    Actually, the beading and collar were the easy part. The stupid dress pattern she picked was the hard part. It was a very poor written pattern. The dress was actually made in panels that did not fit together so I had to re-cut and make them fit. Fortunately, my daughter was a toothpick and easy...
  13. cmzaha

    Beaded Dress a Past Hobby of Mine

    Thankyou, sadly the picture from my phone does not do it justice
  14. cmzaha

    Beaded Dress a Past Hobby of Mine

    While packing today I found one of my youngest daughters Pagent/Prom dress I made her while she was in high school. I used to sew too!! I was the hardest most miserable dress I had ever sewn due to a bad pattern. I remember it being a Butterick pattern and I ended up throwing the directions away...
  15. cmzaha

    How many soap makers get insurance?

    I have always had insurance and used HSCG. The problem with using a company like State Farm under your homeowners is if there is a problem they just may decide you are manufacturing and suddenly you are not actually covered. My home has been covered for several years by State Farm without them...
  16. cmzaha

    Weight before or after shrinkage?

    By properly labeling following the rules, you cannot say 4-5 oz or approx. I always weighed mine before wrapping which many times would be two to three months after they were made and I would still deduct 10% from the actual weight of the bar. I weighed and marked the weight of each bar at the...
  17. cmzaha

    Ugh, can’t seem to get it right.

    I agree with amd, I have some FO's that will ash no matter what I do, and of course they were some of my best-selling soaps, so I found it best to go with the flow. Ash never stopped my sales, customers never even questioned what was on the top of the soap.
  18. cmzaha

    Base formula

    Excuse me, I was not even close to rude... BTW it proper grammar would be to say "know" about me not "no" about me, and I did give you the hint of using soy wax to help with your vegan soap. I am also one here that tends to share a lot of recipes when asked properly, especially now that I have...
  19. cmzaha

    ISO 70/400 Lids Supplier

    Of course you could not have mentioned this last week when we took a crate full to the recycler. :(