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    Dishwashing soap a la Mike: recipe and good report

    If someone is interested in this recipe, it is of benefit to read Mike's original thread. He answers many questions. Yes, the lye is sodium hydroxide. Will edit original post. Mike's description "powdery" is merely to note that the consistency of the soap is not smooth and slick but has...
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    Dishwashing soap a la Mike: recipe and good report

    Hi, Tasha. :) The soap cleans well, and leaves no soap residue. I use hot water for washing and rinsing. Water hardness and temperature can require different proportions of ingredients in recipes. The proportions in Mike's recipe work well for the water in my area and the temperature of...
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    Water - How exactly is it calculated?

    I agree with Carebear.
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    Dishwashing soap a la Mike: recipe and good report

    I've been making Mike's recipe: ... sc&start=0 and altered it for dishwashing soap. Here is the recipe, amended for use for washing dishes by hand: 1 gallon heavy plastic or glass container with wide mouth 1/2 gallon cold water 2.25...
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    Substitution Question

    Eilonwy, trace is when what drizzles off the spoon leaves a trace of itself on top of the mixture. Kathy Miller's website is most useful for learning about how to make soap: Knowing all the process before one starts is key to being safe and having the soap...
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    BRITA filtered water

    Minerals in water can cause soaps to oxidize (go rancid). That is why distilled water or de-mineralized is recommended.
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    Substitution Question

    I make olive or olive and castor soaps, and stir with a stainless steel, slotted spoon. I use room temperature oils, and a lye to water ratio of: one:one. It is easy to tell when it comes to real trace as the drizzles off the spoon leave thick traces as does pudding or custard (when the...
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    Facial/Complexion Soap

    How did your face soap come out? I only ever use olive or olive/castor for face soap, and at least 7-8% SF. Hope you like your new soaps. :)
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    My first CP that worked

    Very pretty! Congratulations. :)
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    Liquid Castille

    Mayren, I use CP, and nothing whipped. My soaps are olive, olive/castor, or lard. The original posts of the thread are all regarding soaps made with sodium hydroxide. I haven't followed the entire life of this thread, so can only report that the lard soap I make, at 0% Superfatting, made by...
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    Saturated:Unsaturated Ratio?

    And then there are those of us who make single fat soaps, such as all olive, all lard, or simple olive/castor soaps. They all work well.
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    How do you organize your soapin' gear?

    I appropriated a set of shelves in the kitchen, though I usually have soap paraphernalia in several places in the kitchen, and bars curing, etc., and then there are all the bars in the bathroom.
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    What soaps are you making for Christmas presents?

    I've made my usual Castille and they are happily curing. What soaps are you all making for Christmas presents this year?
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    Liquid Castille

    Paillo, all the best to you. Will you post the results? I make the same things all the time and so haven't had anything new to post about this recipe. Thanks. :)
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    Liquid Castille

    Paillo, I wish I knew something to recommend. Some have used xanthan (aka xanthum) gum for thickener with success. Hopefully, someone who has used this method with a similar soap recipe to yours will see this thread and post some help.
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    Liquid Castille

    Paillo, I'm sorry it didn't work well. What were the ingredients in your soap? What brand of pectin did you use? It seems we are all getting different results with this recipe. Mine has never separated. It turns to a congealed mass with lard soap, and with the olive or olive and castor...
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    anyone here made Pinetar soap?

    I checked my notes and realized I told you the wrong percentage. The pine tar was 25%. I apologize.
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    Liquid Castille

    I am still enjoying this recipe and continue to use it for my shampoo and dish soap. It's nice to see the thread is still going. :)
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    anyone here made Pinetar soap?

    Petey, I made mine with Bickmore Pine Tar, which smells very liniment-y. It was the only pine tar I could find locally. I made mine with 25% pine tar and used lard/olive oil. I have given it to several people who have said it helped alleviate their eczema and also helped the sores from...
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    First Castile soap first soap calc

    Sonya, welcome to soapmaking! :) I like Castile soap. I'm making some now, waiting for trace. I use it for face soap, tooth soap, shampoo, bathing, and give some away.