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    RED Silicone Mold Bleeding Color Onto Soap

    Try soaking them in a mild bleach solution and see if that helps. :)
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    cant make liquid soap for the life of me :(

    I make liquid soap in a slow cooker which has low/high settings but I cook (a small batch) on low with no problems. Making soap with glycerine as per the video is dead easy and makes a lovely soap. Just make sure that you use a metal stick blender otherwise a plastic one may melt. :)
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    Any Aussie liquid soap makers?

    There are plenty of liquid soap makers in Australia so your friend won't have any problems getting supply. :)
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    Clay colored soaps.

    I love these. :)
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    Liquid or powder sodium lactate?

    I tried the sodium lactate in HP a couple of weeks ago and found that it made the HP more fluid and easier to get into moulds with the resulting texture closer to CP. I used liquid SL and added 2% of oil weight into the lye water once it had cooled to about body temperature. Hardens the soap...
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    Can't unmold soaps in plastic molds

    Perhaps you could change your recipe, so that you end up with a harder soap?
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    Can't unmold soaps in plastic molds

    Goat's milk soaps come out of these moulds easier than water soaps. :)
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    Glycerin Method Question...

    I've only made one batch but I heated the glycerine first and then I added the KOH. It dissolved quickly. Must have been quite hot because later I melted my best stick blender. :?
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    I'm being plagued by white blobs - again!

    I melt the hard oils first (in the microwave) and then add the soft oils to them and then add the lye to the oils and stick blend. Works beautifully every time. :wink:
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    Coconut Milk

    I haven't found coconut milk drying at all. I love it in soap. :wink:
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    Single best piece of advice for a newbies soaper?

    Don't make huge batches and DO wear eye protection. :wink:
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    adding powdered milk to soap

    I dissolve the milk powder into some water and add at light trace or I mix it into the oils before adding lye water (I still dissolve in water before adding to oils).
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    Taking product photos

    I mostly prefer just the soap but it does depend on the props used and how they are arranged. Go to google images and type in "goat milk soap" and you will get a good idea of what you like and what looks good. Too many props or the wrong sort of prop can look tacky (to me). It's also a matter of...
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    rainwater in soapmaking

    I drank un-purified rain water for years so I'd certainly make soap with it. :wink:
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    poster removed

    Well, I can't read it now, can I? Why do people delete their opening posts? :wink:
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    Soapmakers Software

    Have you looked at Soap Maker 3 Professional Edition to see if it suits you?
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    Using Coconut Cream

    I don't adjust but I split the liquid and use water as well. :wink:
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    Lotion Bars

    They look great. Try to find a nice tin to fit them into, to do them justice. :wink:
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    Poppy Seeds for a Gardener Soap (UPDATED)

    That looks lovely. :wink:
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    Maximum castor oil in soap

    Extra virgin coconut oil didn't retain it's scent in any of the soaps I made.