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    Looking for bamboo charcoal powder

    Hi, Living in France I am desesperaly looking for some bamboo charcoal powder supplier abroad (it is impossible to get some here) that would be delivering here. So I would be grateful if you could share with me your adresses. Many thanks in advance Isy
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    Struggling to find Palm Kernel Oil

    Hi, I saw a lot of recipes here combining coconut oil and palm kernel oil. I d love to try a few of them but I struggle to find PKO here in France. I know that I will have to order abroad some but not for now (postage fees are :shock: for just one product). So, I m just wondering : Can...
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    Hi, please to meet you

    Hiya, I was looking for tips to help my soapmaking addiction when I came across your forum by accident. I love it : it is full of goods ideas. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Isy