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  1. steffamarie

    GLDA, a modern alternative to EDTA

    Just ran out of EDTA so I ordered some GLDA from Essential Wholesale. On their website, they mention a 0.5% - 10% usage range, just wondered if anyone had any insight on what would be the best usage rate for it as a chelator? I used EDTA at 0.5% of batch weight. I am thinking of trying it at 1%...
  2. steffamarie

    SMF November 2019 Challenge - Spin Swirl

    1. AMD - Yet another challenge for my fast moving recipe 2. dibbles - Hoping I can do this without slopping batter everywhere! 3. Misschief - This is a technique I want to try again and I MIGHT have time this month..... might. 4. MarnieSoapien - I love spin swirls!! You spin me right round...
  3. steffamarie

    SMF September 2019 Challenge - Linear Swirl

    Thank you everyone!! I had a lot of fun with this challenge, and it's clear everyone else did too - all the designs were beautiful.
  4. steffamarie

    Entry Thread for SMF September Challenge - Linear Swirl

    My entry is a nonpareil swirl scented in BB Moroccan Mint! I did a freehand pour in a slab mold and used a pipette with the tip cut off. I’m so happy with the results!!! Here’s a full sized photo of the slab top: And my entry photo:
  5. steffamarie

    Getting started with oxides

    I routinely use oxides and actually find it easier to mix them with water before adding them to my batter. They disperse easier. If you mix them with oil, make sure to get all the clumps out - I avoid that by using water. I think black oxide makes the deepest black. I also like and use...
  6. steffamarie

    SMF September 2019 Challenge - Linear Swirl

    Made my soap today in my makeshift slab mold!! I even filmed it, so you all might get a video out of me if I can be bothered to edit it lol Currently have it gelling in my oven. It's gonna be an adventure to cut it for sure!!!
  7. steffamarie

    SMF September 2019 Challenge - Linear Swirl

    Sign up list 1. szaza - hmmm.. to hp or not to hp? 2. dibbles - I’ll worry about what we can do later. I’m in. 3. MarnieSoapien - This looks like fun! 4. SYT - I'll give it a go! 5. Mobjack Bay - I’m clueless, but I can’t resist! 6. steffamarie - I simply adore swirls like this. Can't wait!
  8. steffamarie

    Making soap with Mom

    Thanks for your kind words, everyone!! She really enjoyed herself. I don't think she'll be making any on her own, but I've given her enough to last the rest of her life!! She and I are very close, and that may be helped by the fact that, yes, @MGM, she is a very young lady! She turned 47 in...
  9. steffamarie

    Making soap with Mom

    Cut pics, as promised!! Mom had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the art-meets-chemistry experience. I’m expecting a little discoloration but I think it looks fantastic. She picked a beautiful color palette for fall!!
  10. steffamarie

    Making soap with Mom

    Today my mom came to see me from her home in Georgia. We had a lovely afternoon together and she joined me in making a batch of soap!! She chose the FO (Tobacco Vanille from BA), the colors, the design, and the top. I so enjoyed sharing my hobby with her. Here are a couple photos from our...
  11. steffamarie

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made a loaf today which is currently in time-out for overheating and starting to leak FO. Also, mixed a batch of oils and lye to stash away for tomorrow. My mom is in town from Georgia and she's going to come over and make a batch of soap with me!! Super excited to share this craft with her and...
  12. steffamarie

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Tried out a red sandalwood soap!! Definitely a natural colorant adventure. Scented with Raspberry Jam from BB. Smells amaaaaazing!!!
  13. steffamarie

    Soap: Tranexamic Acid + Kojic Acid

    Tranexamic acid is often given as a medication. What benefits are you hoping these ingredients will provide in your soap? They're unfamiliar to me except as a medication and a food byproduct.
  14. steffamarie

    White forming on soap

    I find that mine end up with marks like that when they don't drain super well, maybe try a different soap dish? You will probably still have some marks, as Obsidian said, but you might be able to reduce them with better drainage. As far as gifting goes, I doubt anyone will even notice, and if...
  15. steffamarie

    White forming on soap

    Do you have pictures of what you mean? We might be able to give a better answer if we can see what's going on. :)
  16. steffamarie

    Epsom salt bars

    Epsom salts are actually magnesium mostly, not sodium chloride as is table salt/sea salt. The magnesium can cause your bars to be weepy and slimy. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any way to make Epsom salts work in MP or CP soap, so it would probably be best for you to make either regular salt...
  17. steffamarie

    Melt and pour just as good as cold process?

    There is a big difference between melt & pour and cold process. You do have more control with CP, but MP can be good for beginners. With MP, the saponification is already done and all you need to do is melt it and add fragrance and color. With CP, you're doing the saponification yourself. It's...
  18. steffamarie

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    BF's mom texted me and asked if I had any lavender soap. Said a friend of hers is going through a really difficult custody battle for her 9 year old son and he's really feeling stressed. Lavender helps him calm down and helps him to sleep, according to her. I sent off my whole stash of 9 bars...
  19. steffamarie

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I use FO, so I don't have a ratio. I'm a huge fan of the BBW scent and while Nature's Garden isn't spot on with their version, I actually prefer it to the original. I just finished up the 8oz bottle I bought around a year ago. Well worth it!! Everyone adores it.
  20. steffamarie

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made a big batch of Eucalyptus Spearmint - everyone who smells it just falls in love! I can't keep it on hand. I gave some to my physical therapist today and she about fell over herself with excitement. Here's the new batch: Also, I received an 85lb Soaper's Choice order...if you ever wondered...