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  1. CaraBou

    Help naming

    Violet Underground -- I actually like that! I'm such a music lover. But anyway, violet is good, since it brings good cheer but doesn't lock the brain into a scent like lavender does. Other possibilities promoting music and/or recognizing the soil (brown) spots: Hyacinth Haze, Pushing Petunias...
  2. CaraBou

    To many scents

    I too like the model of limited scents. Not to skimp a dime, but because I truly gravitate to less than a dozen myself, even with the oodles I have. My eternal pursuit for 'better and better' continues to distill to classics in broad families, like amd and Anstarx said. I also agree with you...
  3. CaraBou

    Soleseife which turn from cp to hp

    That is stunning!! I love black, white & gray soaps. The fresh coconut milk sounds lovely. Congrats on such a success.
  4. CaraBou

    Browsing soap pics

    One Pine Hill
  5. CaraBou

    M&P Rice soap recipe questions

    I see no monster. Try it and show us pictures. Practice makes perfect. That recipe looks delicious! I'm normally not a rice pudding fan but somehow that got my attention.
  6. CaraBou

    Soleseife which turn from cp to hp

    Just to clarify: batter made with high lye concentration saponifies and hardens quicker than batter made with low lye concentration. But high lye concentration requires higher temperatures to gel, which might be interpreted as being harder to achieve rather than easier.
  7. CaraBou

    Lockdown Latherings

    Lovely inspiration, Kiwi. And great uses of crackle!
  8. CaraBou

    Couldn't resist the try, Bacon and Oatmeal

    Nice swirls. Are the specs from bacon bits?
  9. CaraBou

    Clumpy DIY hand sanitizer

    ^^Thanks JJ. That insight into aloe vera gel additives may help explain my own experience with hand sanitizers. I made two small batches with the same recipe, but used two different aloe vera gels. I got different results from those two batches. The first aloe gel produced a white...
  10. CaraBou

    I'm Back!

    Good deal! Wondering if you stopped brewing beer too -- and if so, if that will also resume!
  11. CaraBou

    Beyond ecstatic to have found SMF!

    We're glad you stumbled here too! Welcome both of you.
  12. CaraBou

    Salt-like crystals on day 4 of curing

    ^^cmzaha has great points. The crystals do look bigger and more irregularly shaped than normal stearic spots. If the spots don't zap on the surface, plane (or slice) a bar so that you can get to spots embedded further inside where air hasn't reached. Then zap test again. If those spots don't...
  13. CaraBou

    Salt-like crystals on day 4 of curing

    Hi Annieywang. Your breast milk soap is beautiful -- and likely fine to use. Your recipe seems good, and the bars appear solid and smooth despite those few spots. I'd guess the spots are from stearic or palmitic fatty acids that weren't fully mixed, and/or that cooled more quickly than other...
  14. CaraBou

    Almond Oil Costco

    Oh wow - I've never seen that at my Costco! Can you post a pic of the label so I have a search image? Is it high oleic?
  15. CaraBou

    71 Colors! My colorant test chips

    That's an amazing array of colorants! I'm envious of your collection!
  16. CaraBou

    Hand Sanitizer

    I made a slightly modified version of the Crunchy Betty recipe today, and ended up with a white precipitate at the bottom. Anyone know what that might be or what it means to the finished product if I leave it behind? The recipe is 3/4 cup 91% isopropyl alcohol (I used 95% grain ethyl alcohol)...
  17. CaraBou

    Tried Out My New Mold

    What a treat it will be to shower with those!
  18. CaraBou

    Browsing soap pics

    Pink raven
  19. CaraBou

    First timer here...making seal oil soap

    Very interesting discussion -- thanks for posting NandP, and for sharing what you have learned. Your soap is intriguing, and I hope we get pics and more info as it cures. As a professional wildlife biologist and former resident of Alaska, I support and build on what you said. Harvest of seals...