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  1. Quilter99755

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made three batches of soap today, all 500 gram batches, to see if I can tell the difference in Lard, Walmart's Tallow/lard combo and Palm oil as the main ingredient in my regular soap. I do all my soaps in HP. I've done all three oils in other batches, but my notes at that time were skimpy...
  2. Quilter99755

    Mostly Soft Oils/Replacing Palm Oil?

    Lots of people use coconut oil at less than 20%, I use it at 10% or less. My skin would itch up a storm at 25%. This is a personal thing though. I keep my cleansing numbers around 5-8 these days and my skin is lots happier. Soap cleans...period. No matter what the numbers are. I loved my...
  3. Quilter99755

    Syndet Shampoo Bar Trials

    I made some lotion with shea butter and it was grainy. I found somewhere...don't remember and didn't book mark it...sorry. It said shea butter needed to be cooled fast or it would turn grainy. So I reheated the container of lotion and stuck it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. It was...
  4. Quilter99755

    Gentle soap for toddlers?

    when I run my recipe though the soap calculator, my number for cleansing is 7 ( not in the 12-22 range) Is this bad or good or doesn’t matter? I’m thinking more for when I make soap for myself. Thank you . Take care and stay safe Soap cleans. I use a lot of lard in my still trying...
  5. Quilter99755

    Curing rack ideas

    I've seen your system and drooled over it for months. I have a bread rack. The full sized trays are unwieldy. They are not easy to slide in and out and with my balance and back issues it is difficult to get the trays in and out. The half trays are just a tad small in the width so they don't...
  6. Quilter99755

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Glad I gave you a laugh this morning. Shorty was a welder and for sure he did no welding without a good cover!!! How he dealt with all the mosquitoes in Alaska in the summer I'll never know. He had a full head of curly hair and so my imagination at least gave you hair on your head. LOL
  7. Quilter99755

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Congratulations on your kitchen. You have been very patient with that. But am cracking up over the last part of your post. I read it as "robe" not wardrobe and sort of wondered where you were wearing the scarf? We had a friend in Alaska who would shed his clothes the minute the outside temps...
  8. Quilter99755

    The "One Recipe" Theory - Question

    I'm not trying to beat a dead horse, but wanted you to know that I prefer the soap calculator on over any of the others. One reason is that I can put in the size of my mold (loaf molds) and it will resize the batch closer than I can guess or formulate. And it also has a...
  9. Quilter99755

    The "One Recipe" Theory - Question

    I started soaping with someone else's recipe. Luckily it was a tried and true website so I didn't have any disasters. I thought I had died and gone to heaven with my first batches of soap. They were so much better than what I was using from any store. Over time I realized that I still had days...
  10. Quilter99755

    Sales on companies FO for CP soap

    I'm new to FO's and bought a bunch of samplers at Maple and Nurture. I tested a bunch of them in January. Am waiting for the 6 month mark to do the review. I tested at 3% which is a long story...too long...but think 5% might be a better strength to use. Barnwood- almost non-existent. My...
  11. Quilter99755

    Hot Process Soap - Help please!

    My past was similar with the thirds split of some kind. And my favorite recipes are now similar to yours other than the olive oil. But I do HP probably for the clean up more than anything. When I put my soaping stuff away I want it all done and cleaning up CP pots and utensils is a pain when...
  12. Quilter99755

    Finding supplies

    the local restaurant supply is where I get my rice bran oil. I've seen lots of oils, some in sizes that are almost the same size as I am (LOL) but no lard. I may have to brave it out again one of these days to check out Walmart and Winco...or a Spanish market if they don't have it. Some of the...
  13. Quilter99755

    Finding supplies

    I'm sure there are but I've never seen one in any of the areas where I shop. I have been self isolating since the 10th of last month...out for prescriptions and groceries only...and plan to keep it up for the duration. Next time I go for groceries I'll check out the yellow pages in case I can't...
  14. Quilter99755

    Finding supplies

    Walmart is where I usually get my lard...and there wasn't a package on the shelf...not the tubs or the little 1 pound packages. And the same for Winco, the other store that I went to. I had looked at Amazon around the middle of last month and there was some available but not when I last...
  15. Quilter99755

    Finding supplies

    I can't find lard. I was at the store picking up a prescription on the 10th of last month and there was none to be found, then grocery shopping on the 22nd and none in either store where I shopped. The lines were ridiculous at Costco but I don't recall seeing it there anyway. I used up the last...
  16. Quilter99755

    Hand Sanitizer

    I had to go out for groceries the other day. Very few people in the stores that I went to. Tried Costco but there was a long line around the parking lot, so I didn't even try. I have a few wipes left, no ingredients on the shelves for sanitizer, so won't be making any in the near future; and...
  17. Quilter99755


    @shunt2011 I hope that you recover easily and quickly. Take care.
  18. Quilter99755


    Just outside of Boise in the burbs. My hubby had a hobby...used to make guitars and mandolins. About 5 years back he got throat cancer and hasn't made any since then. I feel that some of it is that he hasn't worked with his hands for a while...use it or lose it is real at our ages. But some...
  19. Quilter99755


    We have been retired since 2006 and for the most part it hasn't been bad. Until now. It was bad enough a couple weeks ago when most of our outside activities were cancelled as they were held at churches, old folk centers or libraries. Now the state has put out a 21 day notice to shelter in...
  20. Quilter99755

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made my last batch of soap until I make it to the store! I thought I had plenty of oils on hand but realized yesterday that one of my orders is still in transit. So in order to soap I had to tweak the recipe to match the grams of oils I had. What a strange recipe! It was the first time I...