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  1. J

    How do you dispose of EOs and FOs?

    You could mix all your leftovers together in a blend. It will probably be the best smelling thing ever and you will never ever be able to repeat what you did. ;)
  2. J

    Need to stop panicking!

    The soap is very tie dye! I have been soaping for some time and I still sometimes get into a panic when things go wrong. I had soap batter seize on me the other day. I know what I should do - let it gel in the container and then plop it in the mold. But no, instead I try to cram crumbly play...
  3. J

    anyone duck tape a mold

    I tried the corrugated plastic but preferred freezer paper. After a couple of batches it tended to stick to the soap.
  4. J

    Lavender Buds Question

    Yep, brown. Unless you hot process and add them at the very end after it's done cooking.
  5. J

    to gel or not to gel and to heat or not to heat

    Why do you think your first batch failed? What went wrong? Never be in a hurry to pitch a batch - there are ways to save mishaps much of the time. There is no hard and fast rule about oil and lye temperatures. If you want to gel, soap hotter; if you don't soap cooler. Some people use room...
  6. J

    Suitable for superfatting ?

    Welcome to the forum! Grapeseed oil has a short shelf life but I use it as a main oil in an acne soap and it has its place there. Otherwise, no. Regarding poppyseed, I've found that the seeds themselves go rancid, so I'd hesitate about using the oil. I suppose you could try it in a small...
  7. J

    Shampoo Bar

    There is a huge shampoo bar thread (like 25+ pages) here on this forum that should be easy to find if you search. I believe that the moral of the thread was to avoid use of coconut oil in shampoo bars and it yielded much better results. I also agree on cutting beeswax and butters. For what...
  8. J

    One pound test, big oil pockets

    The outside of the soap looks gelled to me. My theory is that on the outside it got hot enough to gel (but not separate) and the inside got overheated, and did separate. I have rarely gotten separation but pumpkin puree was one of those times. Cinnamon leaf EO has always seized instantly for...
  9. J

    Great news today

    Most excellent! :D
  10. J

    80% Olive oil soap

    Very pretty and I like your packaging!
  11. J

    LF citrus recommendations

    Do you use FO or EO? If EO, both litsea and lemongrass are cheap and stick and are good blenders. If FO, Brambleberry's orange peel and grapefruit FOs are very authentic smelling and also stick well. A lot of people swear by Energy (also BB) but I personally find it too sweet.
  12. J

    Interesting Observation

    The alcohol spray seems to make a difference for me. I also found that I got a lot of ash when I used shea so I stopped using it and switched to cocoa butter.
  13. J

    Gel Phase and EO Scents

    Somebody did an experiment, I think on this forum, that made a compelling case for saponification being the primary reason for EOs fading or morphing, rather than the hottest temperature that the soap mixture attained. I'd like to guess DeeAnna as she's our resident soap scientist. Based on...
  14. J

    We have a WINNER!!!!

    Fantastic! The honor is well deserved!!!!
  15. J

    Black walnut soap

    Patch, lemongrass and vetiver sounds like a fantastic combo! Go easy on the vetiver, though, because it is very strong, not to mention expensive. I'd start at 1/10 of my scent blend, and divide the remainder depending on whether you want it more lemony or more patchy.
  16. J

    do I need a p100 safety mask?

    I don't use a mask either although I do have a friend who uses one because she is sensitive to mica colorants, not because of the lye. I also do the hold my breath method and so far, so good. However, I do use wrap around goggles each and every time.
  17. J

    BB Fragrances - disappointed with OB

    If I can chime in, the lilac is much nicer in CP soap than OOB. I'm not a big floral fan but I know people who are crazy for lilac and they find it pleasing. My favorite lilac, however, is from Peak Candle. Cedar and Saffron is a decent man's scent. I know I'm in the minority, but I detest...
  18. J

    Soap colours

    I use oxides or micas that have been tested to remain stable in CP soap. Nurture soap supplies sells a nice sample pack if you are interested in experimenting.
  19. J

    Profit Margins

    To me $7 seems like a totally reasonable price for a 5 oz. handcrafted bar of soap. If you want to sweeten the deal, offer 4 for $25.
  20. J

    Back to the Soaping

    She's back!!!! Your work has always been an inspiration to me.