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    Shower Gel question

    I bought a 5 gallon bottle of shower gel from brambleberry to experiment with. I have added some scents to small batches as experiments but the gel seems to be really thin. What can I do to thicken up the gel? Thanks!
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    Question about lip balms

    I just got in the most wonderful smelling Orange chocolate truffle scent to make a lip balm with. I have the lip balm base. What else should I add besides the scent to make it better? I get all these creamy lip balms and they are awesome. Mine don't quite come out that way. Any ideas...
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    Hi from Georgia, soon to be Alabama!

    Hi all! Happy 4th! I'm Irish, just retired one week ago from 20 years in the Air Force. I have twin boys who ALWAYS need baths, hence ny name, twinsoapyboys! LOL I love making soap. It's the first hobby I've found since my twins were born that I can eventually share with them. I...
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    How did you find us?

    from Gingerbell :-)