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    i feel violated, need some advice

    the dispute department at compass is faxing over some paperwork to my local branch, either today or tomorrow, for me to fill out and fax back to them. after that, i was told that within 5-7 business days the investigator should have the person's name and all that stole my money and at that time...
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    i feel violated, need some advice

    rhapsody can't give me that person's personal info but the bank can get it from them. their rep checked my info against the info given by the thief and of course it doesn't match. charges will be pressed at that time. trust me. :twisted:
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    i feel violated, need some advice

    yeah, i agree...not bright at all. i know the bank manager so i'm going to give her a visit just as soon as the doors open in the morning.
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    i feel violated, need some advice

    i checked my online bank statement and some thief stole my debit card info and purchased a monthly subscripton to rhapsody. so i called their customer service and spoke to a nice fella named joseph. he couldn't tell me who purchased this stuff because it was an unauthorized transaction and told...
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    no, they didn't fall apart. i read somewhere that most of the bars that do fall apart are made with different bases and since this was all done with clear [well, wsp's ultra clear] they never did fall apart. i gave them as valentine gifts to all my nieces and nephews. they loved them. :D
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    you just have to put in more soap chunks than the mold will hold. build it up high. i didn't think it would work, but it did. i was worried about the pieces that were sticking out, not knowing if they would 'hang on' but they did. i just had to make sure the clear came all the way to the top...
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    i did something a little like that...i made several loaves [not full, mind. just about an inch or so] of different colored clear m&p. when they were cool, i cut them in 1" squares and put them in the fridge. after they were nice and chilled, i put some of all the colors in the loaf mold and...
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    Photo/Light Box...Testing out bulbs and light sources. PICS!

    i cannot make that work to save my life. i wish there was an easier way, but i just can't use that tool. :roll: i have two pics that i need to remove the background, but i gave up months ago. :lol: :? :(
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    4th of July

    staying home and firing up the grill. :)
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    Tortillas w/ cheese

    i have a pepperjack and wholewheat organic bread sandwhich for lunch everyday. gawd...i love that cheese!
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    anyone on facebook?

    i'm there but i don't go there very often.
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    Will my MP Soap melt?

    well, we're having one now if you'd like to join us. paula
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    newb newb newb! :D

    welcome! is that mrs. peel?
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    How did you find us?

    another googler here.
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    MP and shimmer! Pictures :)

    i love the pink ones. what's the scent?
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    Will my MP Soap melt?

    i attended a fair back in april and i had quite a few bars to melt in the sun. everything was ok until that darn sun had to move around. :lol: they were all wrapped in saran wrap and i never thought of using a cooler. oh, and i'm from alabama.
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    Trade thread...

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    This weekends soaps

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    Trade thread...