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  1. SideDoorSoaps

    Totally not soap related, sort of

    I can certainly relate to the counseling being mostly about your husband. Mine was for years for my ex. That’s stinks about that al-anon group. I went to a convention awhile back and the people I met were wonderful, working the program and supportive. Not every group is the same for sure. I’m...
  2. SideDoorSoaps

    Curing rack ideas

    I have a metal shelving unit but use the lids of copy boxes to hold the soap and stack them and rotate.
  3. SideDoorSoaps

    Ran out of castor oil

    I can tell the difference in my soaps that have cured for a long time like 6 months the difference without castor oil. I use 8% in my recipes. I ran out of castor the other day and bought some in town. It was super expensive!!
  4. SideDoorSoaps

    Hard Water and need more slip

    I’ve been tweaking my shampoo and conditioner bars and they are nearly perfect! I think I need a little bit more slip, at least with the conditioner. I think the shampoo is good. However, I was thinking that not everyone has hard water like I do and maybe that’s part of the issue. I bought some...
  5. SideDoorSoaps

    Totally not soap related, sort of

    I am so sorry, @tammy sue starks, that you are having to go through this. I was with a violent alcoholic/addict and I left him for the safety of our child. He is still struggling with his demons, in and out of treatment, jails and 12-step fellowships. I have been in recovery for nearly 17 years...
  6. SideDoorSoaps

    Does anyone list their ingredients properly?

    I use the INCI provided by the company I buy the mica from.
  7. SideDoorSoaps

    Hand Sanitizer

    I checked out the FDA about hand sanitizer after reading about local breweries making hand sanitizer. I found this: very informative!
  8. SideDoorSoaps

    Wool wash and surfactants

    @Kiti Williams thank you! This is interesting.
  9. SideDoorSoaps

    eczema honey

    my husband is sensitive to just about every laundry detergent but Era. I wash my son’s in Arm & Hammer sensitive/fragrance free. My son doesn’t eat much so I wonder what he could be sensitive to food wise. Thank you also @MGM for your thoughts. I just thought about the body wash my son loves...
  10. SideDoorSoaps

    This is not soap - syndet bar

    Thank you for your feedback!
  11. SideDoorSoaps

    eczema honey

    He hasn’t yet but he doesn’t really eat much either. It’s something we are going to bring up at his next checkup because I have some interesting food allergies, however I don’t have any skin issues. My husband did and he is allergic to cows milk protein, which I find interesting. I hate using...
  12. SideDoorSoaps

    eczema honey

    yeah, I was thinking unstable or omitting, both of which I am not happy to support in a cosmetic making unsusbstantiated drug claims. And as for the ingredients listing, I am skeptical if that is everything as well. I’m imagining that I’ll be making more of a creamy balm with the oils and...
  13. SideDoorSoaps

    Wool wash and surfactants

    @Kiti Williams, I just looked up Orvus and it’s mostly sls. The reviews are pretty good. I’m gonna go see if there’s any at the Tractor Supply store! And I’m also gonna try my SLSa :)
  14. SideDoorSoaps

    eczema honey

    I think I found the ingredients. So it seems like a lotion but I’m still wondering about emulsifying. I’m gonna attempt something and will let ya know! I have so much beeswax and honey and have a great local supply for it. their advertising and...
  15. SideDoorSoaps

    eczema honey

    It’s a balm that I keep seeing all over my feed. I have all the ingredients so I don’t want to buy it. @shunt, that is my initial thought as well that it will be sticky and oily. How is the honey emulsified?
  16. SideDoorSoaps

    eczema honey

    Has anyone tried this or made something similar? I think I'm going to whip up something for my son and husband. Beeswax, honey, almond oil and sunflower oil. Seems easy enough.
  17. SideDoorSoaps

    Wool wash and surfactants

    I've never heard of this. Will check out. @beckster51 I have read that people have used baby shampoos for washing knits. I've thought about checking formulations for that as well.
  18. SideDoorSoaps

    Soap favors for my son’s wedding - help me with planning?

    Check out tandb_soaphouse on Instagram. Their soap and packaging is on point for weddings! They show a great array of designs and color schemes that are divine!
  19. SideDoorSoaps

    Wool wash and surfactants

    I don’t spin yet lol I’m just an avid yarn and fiber lover. My next endeavor is to start weaving more to use stash before I start making my own yarn!