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  1. melinda48

    A soap I bought and just unwrapped...

    Are you sure their racks are aluminm? I do not cure mind on my bare racks but could as it is stainless steel. I would first check before assuming they are aluminum.
  2. melinda48


    If I had a mask, I would have gone in and bought some ice cream for sure! We have been ordering groceries online and having them put in our car at Walmart. We have been very pleased with their selection of fresh produce (yes, they have organic too). I love that you can choose which items can be...
  3. melinda48

    Zany's no slime castile

    This is a terrific soap! I followed the directions and it came out beautifully. My customers love it as well. I think I will try it with Calendula petals later this summer when my flowers are grown.
  4. melinda48


    A friend and I are making masks for our VA hospital. Turned in 30 yesterday. We both make them and when I have my batch done, I put them in a bag hanging on my front door; she picks them up and takes them to her contact from the VA. It is working well. Have stopped making soap for the short term...
  5. melinda48

    Post your Gripe

    If you can, try covering the elastic areas with a soft cloth (stitch it on over the elastic) and see if that helps. If it does, you have contact dermatitis and will need to find alternatives to the elastic being used. Any dermatologist worth his/her salt should know this.
  6. melinda48

    Zany's no slime castile

    How does it smell? I have found beer soap to have an unpleasant smell without EO or FO. If it does not smell “icky,” would you share the brand of beer you used? Thanks!
  7. melinda48

    Let's tell a story....

    Hear the bass
  8. melinda48

    3rd HP Hanger Swirl

    Lovely soaps!!
  9. melinda48

    How To Use Soap Calc Tutorial

    It does not. You need to enter the weight of the oils keeping in mind the volume of your mold.
  10. melinda48

    New member

    Welcome Laura!
  11. melinda48

    The 4-letter game

    Emily And Charlie Hugged OSSD
  12. melinda48

    How did you find us?

    I googled “cp soap making problem solving” and up you came!
  13. melinda48

    Remember How My Batch Seized? It Actually Turned Out! Pic Included

    What brand of tea tree oil did you use? It would be helpful to know as I had a batch of lavender, tea tree, and peppermint siege like crazy and wonder if it was the tea tree.
  14. melinda48

    The 4-letter game

    Wendy Is Leaving Later. CMLY
  15. melinda48

    Post your Gripe

    They were setting up for Valentine’s Day at Hobby Lobby Saturday—❤️
  16. melinda48

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Our daughter’s boyfriend will not use my soap for the same reason. He says his grandmother used to make soap and it burned. I told him it was because it was lye heavy and that all soap is made with lye-even the brand he uses. Sometimes ya just can’t win. Our daughter loves my soap
  17. melinda48

    The word association game

  18. melinda48

    Tested my 100% Lard soap bars

    I made my first 100% lard (5% super fat) two months ago and am in love with the results! Beautiful white soap that bubbles nicely; does not feel greasy at all and has no odor!
  19. melinda48

    I don't know if I need help?

    Did you run this through a lye calculator? I plugged into SoapCalc and this is what I got.
  20. melinda48

    The 4-letter game

    Hungry Giants Gorge Excitedly MFIC