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  1. szaza

    Wood ash lye - asking for a friend

    Hey Everyone! I was wondering if some of you might have some extra tips for a starting wood ash lye soaper. I'm not talking about myself, but a friend of mine who lives in Uganda. They've been on lockdown for a long time already, but the amount of confirmed corona infections is rising, so the...
  2. szaza

    Tips on blending my own monkey farts?

    First off.. I have almost no experience with FO's, so I might be asking stupid or weird questions. I saw a soap that was made with an FO called monkey farts, thought it was funny, told my BF about it and now he's obsessed and wants a soap with it. I'm in Belgium and rarely use FO's, so ordering...
  3. szaza

    An idea for a new natural blue?

    Randomly came across this article a few days ago and you can guess where my mind went! 😂
  4. szaza

    Any tips on where to find Magnesium Hydroxide (EU)?

    After reading the de-funk the pits thread a while back I'd love to try the mag/bab deodorant. I bought some babassu oil/butter, but I've been looking for magnesium Hydroxide for months and can't find any store that offers it. Pharmacies have magnesium oxide tablets, but there's no hydroxide...
  5. szaza

    Soap cracking after cutting

    I recently made some soaps that started to crack after they had been cut. I already have a likely suspect, but I wanted to run it by you guys to see what you think. Recently I ran out of isopropanol and because I didn't gel my soaps and I didn't want a thick coat of ash I decided to spritz...
  6. szaza

    ENTRY thread for the March 2020 challenge: inlaid soap design.

    This is the Entry Thread for the to the March 2020 challenge: inlaid soap design This thread is limited to challenge entries only. Please post all comments in the original challenge thread( Thank you...
  7. szaza

    MP from scratch

    So.. I made this recipe this morning and just wanted to get on here and share my experience in case anyone else is interested in making their own MP soap base. I think this will become a bit of a journey so might be good to document my troubles:p I chose this recipe because I can't use my gas...
  8. szaza

    Single EO scent (fading) test

    I had a bunch of (new) EO's that I wanted to test and thought I'd update on it here in case someone else is interested. I used a salt bar recipe because it needs a long cure so I have ample time to sniff all the soaps repeatedly before using the soap. I just hope the salt doesn't interfere with...
  9. szaza

    March 2020 Challenge: inlaid soap design

    Welcome to this installment of the Soap Making Forum's Challenges. This month, we are doing an inlaid soap design! PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST (and ALL Rules)- General Rules: 1. To be eligible to vote, members must add their names on the sign up list - regardless of whether or not an...
  10. szaza

    Sages: clary, dalmatian, spanish..?

    There have been some threads on here about green EO blends (grass, tea..) and one ingredient that keeps coming back is clary sage. Unfortunately it's outside of the price range of EO's I'd be willing to use for soap. Is there an alternative? Dalmatian and Spanish sage are both 1/3-1/2 of the...
  11. szaza

    HP discoloration to pink (EO scented)

    I've been meaning to post about this a while ago, but never got to it. For the September challenge I did some HP soaps to attempt a linear swirl. They all had about very similar recipes and EO blends, but somehow the first discolored to pink, the second to light tan and the third stayed a nice...
  12. szaza

    This lavandin EO blend stuck for a year in soap.

    I was quite impressed and thought I'd share it. I used it in my attempt at Zany's no slime castile last year January and really just whipped it up to have some scent in there. I recently picked up a bar and to my surprise it smelled like lavender.. lavandin on its own has been the worst fader...
  13. szaza

    Clays colored with plants

    Thanks to @Mobjack Bay 's wonderful experiments with madder (here) the idea arose to color white clay using an alcohol tincture (this method seemed to hold its color better than using the tincture straight up) This is how I did it: I made some tinctures in September using the method described...
  14. szaza

    Cochineal.. does anyone have experience?

    I brought some from Mexico (turns out even though I'm vegetarian my sympathy for parasitic bugs is quite low) I'd like to try it in soap, but don't find much info on the interwebs.. even on this forum it's not much discussed. The only thing I found out about using it in soap is that it...
  15. szaza

    Paprika infusion soap pics and questions about the effect of gel and/or eo blend on soap color

    Yesterday I did the same with paprika infusion as I did with tumeric a few days earlier and got some weird results. I added my process for those who are interested, but marked it in italic, so it's easy to skip over. I basically have 2 questions: is it possible for a colorless EO blend to affect...
  16. szaza

    Curcuma (Tumeric) infusion at different percentages

    I thought I'd share this in case it's useful for someone. I had some tumeric infused oil that I wanted to color test. I made a recipe with 75% HO sunflower and 25% CO and made 2 batches, one plain and one with the infusion replacing all the sunflower oil. The batter was a beautiful deep orange...
  17. szaza

    Weird slimy soap jelly

    So I normally do my dishes right after HP soaping, but this time I was lazy and just filled all the jugs and cups with hot water to dissolve the soap and wash it off easily the next day. To my surprise, some of it sort of resolidified to form this really weird jelly like substance. I just...
  18. szaza

    Adding water speeding up trace?

    Normally the rule is, the more water the slower the trace, but I had the weirdest thing happen. I wanted to add frozen pandan at trace, so I started with a 50% lye solution and SB to emulsion. Then I split the batch, added the pandan to the green portion and distilled water to the rest. It went...
  19. szaza

    What makes lard trace slow?

    Is it only lard or all animal fats? I know for sure it's not the fatty acid profile, because a recipe with the same fa profile made with plant based oils is super quick to trace. One thing I could think of is free fatty acids. Are there more FFA in plant based sources for stearic/palmitic acid...
  20. szaza

    How on earth did she make this color?!

    I was watching the soap challenge club entries for June and saw this amazing soap by ChezHelene The blue color especially struck me, since it's really hard to get such a color with only natural colorants. In the video she says she added an alkanet infusion to the oils, then she blends in...