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  1. Dahila

    Beef Tallow

    Hi ladies I need your advice, In Canada it is difficult to find a beef tallow in stores, I found one, I know Carolyn is using beef tallow from store, Maybe Deanna can check it up too. Ingredients; Beef tallow , BHA, BHT, Citric Acid, and Dimethylpolysiloxane (antifoaming agent) is that...
  2. Dahila


    I am working on after shave lotion, it is for men scented with mint and eucalyptus and contains a lot of goodies, The only name I came up with is "velvety skin" after shave lotion. What do you think ladies and gents, can you give me a hand with it? Thanks :)
  3. Dahila

    The Dish forum

    For the last 5 months I can log into Dish but search does not give me anything beside Error message. I start to wonder what is going on. It is some kind of mistake on my site or something wrong with Dish server?
  4. Dahila

    PH Meter

    I think I need a decent but not too pricey PH meter, for my shampoos and lotions. We have a few chemist here, can you recommend one. There is so many on , I have no idea which would be good. Anyone using it?
  5. Dahila


    I am really struggling with the names for my products, Now before i do my Cosmetic notification form I need to name my liquid soap. I have no idea how. Could do with some help; English speaking people;))
  6. Dahila

    Researching before making soap:)

    I can not understand why people post constantly questions about the simplest things. Why they do not acquire at least basic knowledge about making soap. It is as easy as to click -->Forum--> search bar on left hand side and put it in what ever question one does have. English is my second...
  7. Dahila

    My first LS

    Thank you everyone, Susie, Irishlass, Czmaha, and many others. I just made the liquid soap and I think it came ok. I do not want to hack other threads that, why new one:Kitten Love:
  8. Dahila

    Avocado, activated charcoal soap

    With some addition of lard of course :) It is the first swirl of mine I kind of like it. I used activated charcoal and titanium dioxide. It is not as beautiful as the most soaps here, but I like the washed out look of it. BTW that's my first thread :) Merry Christmas and happy soaping :)