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  1. zanzalawi

    Is this growing mold?

    This is an unscented uncolored batch- I cut it and put it in a zip top bag so it wouldn’t dry out before I rebatched it Did I wait too long and it’s growing mold? It went through partial gel, and the only place I’m seeing these markings are the gelled areas
  2. zanzalawi

    How would this look be achieved?

    I saw this GORGEOUS soap in my instagram feed and I’ve been trying to figure out the technique I’m thinking maybe pour part of your batter in the mold, pour in a bit of oil mixed with mica, and then pour more batter on top of it? I wasn’t sure if I should post this here or in the soap pics thread
  3. zanzalawi

    bernat mystery blanket stitch along, starts sept 17

    has anyone ever done this? i did it a year or two ago with my mom, had a pretty good time! and i just love mikey from good news is i'm sure i have all the yarn i need because i just packed it all up in the spare room closet this weekend :D...
  4. zanzalawi

    Zanza’s first salt bar haha

    Ohhh my goodness, lol, I was so excited for these I waited 4.5 hrs to cut them Too long, far too long. I tried an ITP swirl, I think they kinda look like polished concrete on the edges lol I was pretty grateful I put some in cavity molds- they’re the only ones that didn’t crumble horribly lol...
  5. zanzalawi

    Is this discoloration more soda ash?

    This weekend I tried a new recipe to try to find something I liked with all this RBO from Lowe’s sale 35% lard 35% RBO 25% CO 5% castor Sf 5% 28.7% lye concentration Oils were at 100°F and lye water solution was at about 120° Colors are 2 purple micas mixed in a little bit of the batch oils...
  6. zanzalawi

    What are you listening to in your studio right now?

    I thought this could be a fun little game, and introduce me to some great music I’ve never heard before So tell me- what’s playing right now while you soap/craft? I’m listening to Anilah
  7. zanzalawi

    Tall & skinny stripes

    I have this awesome carry-all bag, used its colorful stripes as the inspiration for this Poppy seeds are between the layers. It’s scented with nurture’s “new beginnings” Next time I’ll use more mica- I’d like the colors to be more bold This was my first tall & skinny bar with a used mold I found...
  8. zanzalawi

    what have i been doing all this time?

    so i decided while i was learning i'd make the same recipe over and over to get the cold process down, changing only small things like color and scent. i cant find in my notes where i got this initial recipe but this is what i've been using. i was trying to figure out how to run it through soap...
  9. zanzalawi

    hello from idaho

    hey all! i'm glad to have found this forum. i've been lurking for a while, figured it was probably about time to post an intro i am a wife, a mother of a 20mo boy and a 5yo girl, both are teething molars right now, its awesome :P we have a shiba and we recently rescued a husky i work full time...