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  1. Zany_in_CO

    WSP EO & FO Blends

    WSP EO & FO Blends ~ 88 as of Tuesday, January 14, 2020 * Fragrances with an asterisk are comparable to companies such as Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret, The Body Shop, etc. Amazing Style* - 676...
  2. Zany_in_CO

    Marseille soap

    I was soap browsing this afternoon when I came across this recipe for Marseille soap in Soap Naturally by Patrizia Garzena and Marina Tadiello. I remember a French gal on one of the forums years ago who commented that Savon de Marseille is a rather common soap (I s'pose like Ivory Soap in the...
  3. Zany_in_CO

    Pretty in Pink

    In the Mold Out of the Mold Holey Soap! :eek: Cut Easily. Ready for grating up for rebatch tomorrow. ;)
  4. Zany_in_CO

    Light Facial Cream

    I'm making Light Facial Cream today with 5% niacinamide added to lighten age spots, cross fingers! It's a lovely light facial cream that feels really nice on my dry, sensitive, mature skin. It's a formula I tweaked based on this MMS recipe:
  5. Zany_in_CO

    Grades of Olive Oil - USDA Standards

    .pdf']United States Standards for Grades of Olive Oil and Olive-Pomace Oil Unsaponifiables - See page 13 (s) HTH :)
  6. Zany_in_CO

    Citric Acid Use

    Citric Acid can be used as a chelating agent (like sorbitol, sodium lactate, sodium gluconate) and is used to reduce soap scum, especially useful if you have hard water. It reacts with the lye to form sodium citrate. Use rate is 0.1% to 0.5%. Up to 1 tsp. (1-5 grams) ppo SAP value is 0.571 for...
  7. Zany_in_CO

    40% Off All Books!

    LOTION CRAFTER HOLIDAY SALE 12/23/19 We've put tons of popular products on sale, and we're giving you 40% off all books! Hurry! Sale ends January 1st at 11:59 PM PST.
  8. Zany_in_CO

    WSP 25% Off Storewide

    WSP INVENTORY REDUCTION - 25% OFF SALE 12/23/ 19 We didn't plan on this sale but went to count end-of-year inventory and thought it would be easier to run a sale and reduce inventory before we start counting! This is a popular sale, and we do our best to keep up with out-of-stock notices. If...
  9. Zany_in_CO

    World's Smallest Gingerbread House

    A Canadian researcher has built the world’s smallest 'gingerbread' house out of silicon which is smaller than the width of a human hair. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported that Travis Casagrande, who works at the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy in Hamilton Ontario...
  10. Zany_in_CO

    WSP 30% Off - Top Rated Fragrances 30% Off - Top Rated Fragrances 12/15 - 12/16 Bamboo Lotus Fragrance Oil Barber Shoppe - EO & FO Blend Beach* Fragrance Oil Black Raspberry Vanilla* - EO & FO Blend Bourboned Tobacco Fragrance Oil Caribbean Coconut Fragrance Oil Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil...
  11. Zany_in_CO

    Oven Rebatch (CP)

    OVEN REBATCH Grate soap into a large stainless steel pot and add liquid, if necessary. Soap made with animal fats Use distilled water. Soap made with veggie oils Use milk. FRESH, less than a week-old No added liquid. OLDER than a week Add...
  12. Zany_in_CO

    EO Amounts in Soap

    The following is from Melody Upham of Rainbow Meadow. Back in the day, Rainbow Meadow was THE source for EO information. She also had a wonderful EO calculator that reflected her years of researching blends which she provided to the soapmaking community. Regretfully, it was taken down a few...
  13. Zany_in_CO

    Phenolphthalein Use in LS

    From my Files - This is a quote from Steve Mushynsky, Owner of and long-time member of the Liquid Soaping Yahoo Group which is soon to be Defunct. He explains why Pheno drops or, as he says, "Phenol P", works as an indicator for excess lye in LS. I quote his post in its...
  14. Zany_in_CO

    Frankincense Blends

    SOURCE: The bright scent of sweet orange essential oil combined with the earthy and woodsy frankincense base-notes creates a simple yet unique aroma. Orange, sweet EO 5 parts Frankincense EO 3 parts A zesty, spicy and mildly fruity aroma, mellowed out...
  15. Zany_in_CO

    Sun Pure Botanicals Here's an example of a recent order... Note "FREE Shipping" Date: September 11, 2019 4 OZ ESSENTIAL OILS - BUY 2 OR MORE GET 10% OFF Fir Needle, 4 oz @ $11.48 = $2.90 per oz Lavender French, 4 oz @ $13.56 = $3.40 per oz Helichrysum, 4 oz @ $15.12 =...
  16. Zany_in_CO

    WSP Autumn Sale - Save up to 50%

    WSP AUTUMN SALE - SAVE UP TO 50% Premium Crystal Clear Cello Bags - Glassine Bags - Molds - Micas; Cute Little Toys - Ducks, Fish, Zoo Animals, Snakes; And much more. BOAR BRISTLE SHAVE BRUSH - Navy & Ivory on sale A quality shaving brush made...
  17. Zany_in_CO

    Working with Thick EOs ~ Benzoin

    Here's a link to a site that I used today to make my thick-as-molasses Benzoin EO pourable: WHAT I LEARNED: I'm here to tell ya, putting the bottle of goopy Benzoin EO into a container of warm rice works way better than a...
  18. Zany_in_CO

    Tub Teas

    Quick & Easy Gift Idea While visiting with a friend this week end, she said, "I wish I could take a bath in green tea." So I went on line and found a recipe for a Green Tea Detox - TUB TEA. Instead of layering the ingredients in the mayonaise jars pictured, I had Tea Bags Heat Sealable - Large...
  19. Zany_in_CO

    Soy Wax Cuticle Balm

    Some years ago I did a search for a product to use to strengthen nails. Almost all of them contained almond oil. So, with that information in hand, I combined sweet almond oil with bitter almond essential oil 50/50 and used it to make the following nail & cuticle balm: CONTAINER SOY WAX CUTICLE...
  20. Zany_in_CO

    EO Blends for men.

    ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS FOR MEN Source: Lovin’ Soap Studio (Benjamin) Mountain Climber • Cypress - 20% • Spruce - 25% • Cedarwood - 20% • Eucalyptus - 20% • Ylang-Ylang - 5% • Lime - 10% Bear Wrestler • Patchouli - 30% • Lime - 50% • Juniper - 20% Rosemary Mint • Rosemary - 20% • Peppermint -...