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  1. Kari Howie

    Need ideas for soap for a surgeon with sensitive skin

    Hey, y'all. Until I retired from anesthesia 3 years ago, I worked with an amazingly-skilled general surgeon. He is a very humble and kind person that is beloved by all his patients and the staff who work with him. I would like to make a special soap for him as a thank you for the surgery he...
  2. Kari Howie

    Need a source for Calamine powder

    Does anyone have a good source for calamine powder? I searched here, but only found a link to a site that doesn’t have it anymore. TIA. Kari
  3. Kari Howie

    Should I try to sell at a tiny FM where I live

    ...and where there is already a soap vendor there. I looked at her website and she has a huge variety of fragrance soap, plus shower steamers and bath bombs. She does simple swirls and layers, but nothing fancy. I only make soap so far, but I think mine is a little fancier, e.g. mica lines...
  4. Kari Howie

    "We" or "I" on labels?

    I have been making CP soap for about 3 years and even started my own teensy little company--trademarked name, logo and all. Well now I am writing an ingredients blurb in the "conversational" described by Marie Gale in her book. I wrote everything in the "I make" "I use" etc format and sent it...
  5. Kari Howie

    How do you ship your soap?

    I'm trying to determine the best/most economical way to ship soaps in a box. I have searched this website for info related to this question, but the threads are fairly old. I have also looked at USPS, but their small boxes are too small and then the next box up in size is a huge leap up that is...
  6. Kari Howie

    Fatty Acid Profiles

    Ever since I discovered that it is more important to look at fatty acids, rather than depending entirely on the ratio of hard to soft oils I have been trying to master this next stage of my ongoing education. However, for the last 3 days I have spent hours trying to please SoapCalc in a...
  7. Kari Howie

    whole cloves

    I just finished making a soap with a pumpkin beer and pumpkin chai FO. I used Mad Mica's "Pumpkin Head" with "Satin Penny" for the bottom of the loaf and uncolored batter for the top. I tried to whip it to incorporate as much air as possible to make a frothy "foam" head for the beer, but it...
  8. Kari Howie

    Can y'all look at this CP recipe I came up with?

    I got lazy and was using premixed oils from BB for awhile, but I got tired of the expense and long wait times. So here's a formula I came up with and ran through lye calc. I'd really appreciate input. I roughly followed percentage guidelines from Modern Soap Making in terms of Hard Oils, Hard...
  9. Kari Howie

    Looking for a great Gardenia

    OK all you GRITS (Girls Raised In The South), I need help finding a Gardenia fragrance. I have one from CandleScience that I’m disappointed in. It doesn’t smell anything like the Gardenia shrub I have growing out by my horse barn. (Maybe it’s the extra fertilizer!)
  10. Kari Howie

    Super tall and skinny mold

    Does anyone know where I can find a mold that is taller than 4.5 inches without me having to ask hubby to make it?
  11. Kari Howie

    Need advice on a soap design

    I need ideas/advice on how to make a mid-mod, 1950s, retro looking soap for a friend of mine. She wants either a starburst (like the wall clocks of the era) or a chevron like the grill ornaments of a big-fin car inside the soap. I’m attaching a sketch of the chevron type. I’m trying to figure...
  12. Kari Howie

    Hello from Goldsboro, North Carolina

    Hey, y'all! I am new to this forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I am a retired CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) who now makes soap for fun and to sell a bit. I am eager to learn all the basics and higher level nuances of soap making and plan to add M & P to my skills. I love...