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  1. lshone

    hanger swirl

    I use electrical wire. In Canada what you are looking for is "2 wire NMD90" also called Loomex or Romex (12 or 14 gauge). Strip off the outer layer and you will be left with a white coated wire, a black coated wire and a bare copper wire. The black and white wires are coated with PVC and some...
  2. lshone

    How to figure how much oil for mold.

    I setup a spreadsheet to work out the volume of oil based on the ClassicBells link. My original goal was to create a 4oz bar, so this spreadsheet kinda evolved from that. I use loaf molds so the spreadsheet is setup for any type of L x W x H volume calc. I've reworked the example from the...
  3. lshone

    How can I get this color?

    I think the brown color is from the honey reacting to the lye. Try adding honey directly to the lye and you will see the organic material in the honey burning. At first it will be orange, then it will darken. This will create a brown/orange/black lye that will color your batch. Depending on how...
  4. lshone

    What's Left with Soapmaking Friend?

    When I load a recipe that was saved with the "Percentages" option selected, all the weights are zeroed out only the percent values are present. Changing to "Grams" zeros out all the weights (both % and Grams). If I load a recipe that was saved with the "Grams" option, both percent and Grams...
  5. lshone

    Round 2 -

    How about a change log so we know what's changed?
  6. lshone

    Need Rapid Testing / Suggestions Now

    Fragrance Oil Weight is incorrect when selecting Percentage as Unit of Measure and selecting g/kg for the fragrance amount. Under "Select Units of Measure" Select Percentage Enter 1000 grams Under "Fragrances" select g/kg and enter 30 Select any oil @ 100% The "Results" Fragrance Oil Weight =...
  7. lshone

    Need Rapid Testing / Suggestions Now

    If I add an oil from the "Select Oil" list, then remove it from the "Selected Oils" list, it still shows up in the "Select Oils" list with a "minus sign" icon. I'm unable to add it a second time without first clicking the minus sign in the "Select Oils" list. Effectively I need to remove it...
  8. Recipe


    Recipe with Olive Oil
  9. Recipe After Removing Olive Oil

    Recipe After Removing Olive Oil

    Olive oil removed from the "Selected Oils" list.
  10. lshone

    Need Rapid Testing / Suggestions Now

    When switching from grams to percent for the units of measure the "selected oils" amounts should automatically be changed to percent values. Currently they remain at the weight values.