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    What to expect from various oils in ls

    Thanks for the valuable information I also have attached a table from the soap makers companion by Cavitch which outlines different oils with soap properties, it tailored for bar soaps but it should also give an indication for LS, hope you find it helpful!
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    Can Liquid Aloe Vera be used as a solubilizer?

    I'm following please let use know of any new observations :)
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    How to Thicken Liquid Castile Soap

    Did you try to forcefully mix it? worked for me Also whats your oil composition, oils high in coconut oil will be hard to thicken using salt while soaps with high oleic fatty acids (ex. olive oil) will be much easier (at least form what I have read haven't tried this yet)
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    Weird/Foul subtle smell in my LS

    Hey All, I have started my journey a few weeks ago working on formulating LS, however though I'm using lye calculators for my KOH I have been having issues with getting my mix to trace and had to try different types of KOH and hence I started adding excess lye in order to reach trace. During...
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    Stearic acid in liquid soap?

    Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid found in many hard natural butters such as cocoa butter, stearic acid is usually used in bar soap as a hardening agent in small quantities and has a light lather. For LS it would perform very similarly to adding a natural hard butter.
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    Thickening liquid soap with fragrance oils and essentials

    Before deleting the post may I ask whats the reciepe for your liquid soap? It might help clear up somethings I have been having trouble with as well. Thanks!
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    Problems scenting Liquid Soap

    Dr. Bronners Soap is more coconut than olive oil since it lists coconut before olive oil. You can get a hint on ingredients concentrations based on order listed, try to use 100% coconut oil and perform a trial with your EO concentration and then check if thats a factor. If that doesn't work...
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    Low pH and colour changes

    Regarding your second point although many soaps have a high pH level (around 9-10) the recommended pH level for skin is much less (acidic) around 5.5, I recommend that you use an alkaline solution (either NaOH or KOH) and try to increase it a a bit more. You do however need to check effect on...