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  1. Emmanuel

    Liquid soap... in bar ?

    Very interesting, thank you, I will try it as soon as possible :) Why do you keep it in fridge ? does it tend to get rancid faster ?
  2. Emmanuel

    Liquid soap... in bar ?

    Hello evryone. I had a hard time choosing the right sections to post this thread as you will understand why. I love the idea of limiting packaging by using solid product. However I would also like to produce liquid soap. Here is my idea : creating a solid soap that is easyly disolvable with...
  3. Emmanuel

    Imbolc Soap

    I cannot fully tell you as it needs to cure but I tried soap with a similar amount and grade of clay : it's not at all scratchy as I fear it would be, it was very smooth , just the right level of exfoliation. My skin tend to take a parchment texture after.
  4. Emmanuel

    Imbolc Soap

    Hello evryone ! Here is my new soap , the Imbolc soap. Imbolc is a celtic holiday on the 1st february that is linked to purification and cleansing. For this soap I used a coco/olive oil base with a 10% superfat. The superfat is a sage infused oil. This soap is meant to purify the skin and thus...
  5. Emmanuel

    Soap without palm oil

    To be honest I use 70% olive 30% coco and it works great for me ! :) Why do you add sunflower ? Sunflower (in my experience) doesn't really add anything to better the soap. You will have harder bars if you use less sunflower and more olive so you can maybe cut down coco to 10% In my experience...
  6. Emmanuel

    Olive oil butter ?

    This product specifically say it was not hydrogenated oil but maybe they blended hard oil in it ...
  7. Emmanuel

    Olive oil butter ?

    No I never heard of it :) I wanted to try olive butter to try to do a local soap ^^ Okay So by researching , I think I understood how it's made. The process used is probably winterisation. When you cool down oil at very specific temperature, part of the oil will solidify and an other part will...
  8. Emmanuel

    Olive oil butter ?

    Hello evryone. As you know, we need hard oil for our soap but they mainly come from afar (palm, coconut etc...). I was browsing a very well known french site for cosmetic ingredient and saw an article about olive butter. I thought it was simply an hydrogenated oil but they clearly state that...
  9. Emmanuel

    Question for the chemists: mixing soaps for recipe experimentation

    Chemist here In theory yes. When you create a soap, the triglycerides cuts down to single fatty acids that get saponified so in theory, a soap with 50% palmitic acid and 50% oleic acid would have the same properties , even if they come from differents soap. In order to be sure to have a good...
  10. Emmanuel

    a natural and safe EO for a fresh grass scent ?

    very good suggestion, I will try :)
  11. Emmanuel

    a natural and safe EO for a fresh grass scent ?

    Thank you for the site, I will use it as insparation :)
  12. Emmanuel

    a natural and safe EO for a fresh grass scent ?

    Hello evrybody ! I'm working on a soap with a scent around the theme of fresh grass, I want it to inspire this kind of image. I tried using clary sage as a grassy odor but it doesn't really match what I want. I also tried blending in with pepermint but it's not that good. I'm really seeking that...
  13. Emmanuel

    dry hand after olive oil soap ?

    well this blew up ! Thank you for your responses ! High oléic acid are so frustrating : oleic acid is one of the easiest acid to find in oil produced in my country but I really don't like castille :( I would love to decrease my carbon footprint by using locally produce soap but it's just not...
  14. Emmanuel

    dry hand after olive oil soap ?

    the soap is a 100% OO with 5% KOH / 95% NaOH alkaline solution, 1% superfat. I used CPOP and it cured for 2 weeks in an oven (50°C)
  15. Emmanuel

    oil ostrich

    It's quite similar to the ratio i use so it would work I think, however I don't really understand ostrich oil in this situation ^^
  16. Emmanuel

    dry hand after olive oil soap ?

    Hello evryone ! I work with a lot of castille based soap, generally with a low superfat (for the lather). After using them my hand feel dry and wrinkly. Do you have the same problem with theses soap ? Have a nice day !
  17. Emmanuel

    Your Standard Recipe

    I'm actively doing reasearch on soap base , I worked 6 month on it as for today and I have more than 30 different tests. Since my goal is to create a vegan/local/organic receipe , it can be quite challenging. I also have a very simple yet very effective receipe that use coconut oil unfortunately.
  18. Emmanuel

    Dual lye castile

    Hello evryone ! I just made my first dual lye castille soap. I used 5% KOH and 95% NaOH with a 1% superfat (to be sure). The stringy feeling did not disapears however I was able to have castille lather for the first time , it was thin but an interesting addition.
  19. Emmanuel

    Lye purity ?

    Hello evryone ! I bought KOH and the purity was 90% wich is honestly low but okay. Do you know what the 10% are ? I think they might be KCl considering the way of producing the compound but what if instead there is K2CO3 ? Because if I calculate my soap with the purity, the carbonate might...
  20. Emmanuel

    Soapmaking books ?

    I'm seeking soapmaking books for advanced practionner. Ultimately, my goal is to make a lathery soap with just european oils (olive, rapeseed, grapeseed, sunflower, hemp...) so if you have books around this theme (or castille soap) I'm a taker. Since I have a professional project around...